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December 23, 2016

To All Our Faithful Listeners and Seekers After Truth,

The Christmas Spirit is pervasive at The Other Side Of Midnight and we have been anxious to give our faithful subscribers a BIG GIFT which has been in the works for months!

Yes – we are giving the loyal Club 19.5 members that have stayed with us during our recent hiatus, Richard C. Hoagland’s latest and most anticipated work, just recently completed with The Imaging Team from the show. This gorgeous and pioneering new book, “The Hidden History of Mars: A War In Heaven” with a foreword by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, chronicles the Human Race’s Ancient History on the Red Planet with groundbreaking information that has largely been hidden from the world until now. Members will receive their very own electronic copy of the book when it is released and have access to all the bonuses included!

Because it is Christmas and we are close to the book release, we excitedly planned a same-day show too quickly for the good station KIYQ, Las Vegas, to accommodate. So if you received a notice about a live show tonight – hang in there – it’s on the way – just not tonight.

Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! Happy Kwanzaa!

Stay tuned…and remember: 3rd star on the left…straight on ’til morning…

The Other Side of Midnight Team

December 6, 2016


Dear “Other Side of Midnight” Listeners and Club 19.5 Members,


We apologize for the lack of regular updates “from the Bridge” the last few weeks; we know that this “silence” has been frustrating — we miss you as much as you miss us!

A number of long-time listeners have emailed during this “enforced hiatus,” wanting a meaningful update; here, finally, is what we can now tell all of you:

There are a LOT of “moving parts” still going on behind the scenes, regarding the future of “The Other Side of Midnight” (picture a paddling duck on a mirror calm lake … ALL the meaningful activity is unseen … UNDERWATER).

Unfortunately, at the moment, we have to continue “paddling furiously” … while we continue “being vague” ….

Here’s what we CAN tell you “from the Bridge”:

“By The Book — HOURS will seem like DAYS ….”

We were supposed to be “live” in our new network home over a month ago — and then “this piece … and that piece” had to be added, compatible broadcast equipment ordered, “live broadcast” tests carried out … both at the local AND the network level.

Now, with the holidays looming, big organizations (networks …) go even slower with new projects — and that’s where we are practically, less than three weeks before Christmas; even though this may come across as “vague,” it is enough info to really stir up some folks who still do NOT want this to happen … and could delay things even further ….

As you might imagine, I’m personally VERY frustrated at these continuing “delays,” and have been trying to successfully conclude all this, plus, attend to the usual “Enterprise Mission” projects.

Against these realities, I have had to consider each public update re “OSM” very carefully … because of the aforementioned “interference.”

We WILL make this up to you … and with at least one MAJOR surprise we are working on (!) … when we return, LIVE.


On this Show, we have been following an Arc of History (I mean, just look at the NEWS that has occurred while we’ve been “dark” just a few weeks — and you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet!!!).

So, each of our Archive shows (M is carefully selecting during this “hiatus”) is being chosen to “fill in THAT Coming arc” — to try to prepare you … for when we’re Back!

SO … pay attention … and enjoy. 🙂

If there is anything else you wish to ask (within reason …), please go to the contact page on and “open a hail.”

We look forward to returning to the air LIVE as much as you do … as soon as … everything is a “go.”

We have a LOT to talk about!

In the meantime, remember:

“Third star on the left, straight on ’til morning ….”




JUNE 22, 2016

The Other Side of Midnight reached the  #1 ranking again last night at Talk Stream Live. This time, it happened during the first and second hour of the show.

You can check out TSL for real time rankings during the live show at

TOSOM has two affiliates with many more to come.

WXME 780 AM in Monticello Maine 

KIYQ 107.1 FM. in Las Vegas 

Our new revenue sharing program is up and running. It’s available exclusively to Club 19.5 members who choose to earn a commission by bringing new members to the club.

For details, click the navigation link called “Promote The Show” which is located on the left side of the home page.