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Dear “Other Side of Midnight” Family,
We are living in extraordinary times … which are about to get a LOT more extraordinary.
About a month ago, an “anomalous object” was detected by a NASA telescope (PanSTARRS1), located on the summit of Mt. Haleakala — over 10,000 feet above the Hawaiian island of Maui; quickly, it became apparent (from this object’s unique, extreme velocity …) that astronomers had discovered our first bonafide modern visitor from “between the stars” ….
Initially considered a small (~1300-foot …) “first-time interstellar comet …”, additional observations soon established that the “visitor” was spewing into space NONE of the usual gases and dust associated with vaporizing “comets” … even when seared by unimaginable solar heat and radiation in its extremely close passage (well inside the orbit of Mercury …) less than ~20 million miles from the sun!
Other, much larger telescopes (including Hubble) soon joined the search — to help record crucial spectral observations of this fascinating object, while there was still time …. before it, once-again, eternally escaped the solar system back into interstellar space ….
Remarkably, these new telescopic observations suddenly forced a dramatic change in this baffling object’s official designation–
From “C(2017)-U1-PanSTARRS” (“C” signifying a “cometary” body) … to “A(2017)-U1-PanSTARRS” (“A” for “asteroid”) — reflecting astronomers’ latest analysis that, against all long-standing expectations, the solar system’s first confirmed “visitor from the stars” must be, remarkably, a solid object … NOT a “dirty snowball” (the classic comet model) … to account for the lack of ANY “cometary out-gassing” all during and after its weeks-long, intense exposure to the sun ….
As observations of A(2017)-U1-PanSTARRS continued coming in, things got even stranger.
Light curves (recordings of how much the object brightened and dimmed as it reflected sunlight, while rotating in space and simultaneously whipping through the solar system …) revealed that the visitor had to be at least ten times LONGER than it is wide (!) (in fact, depending on the object’s precise rotational “pole” pointing position, relative to Earth, the real “aspect ratio” could even be MUCH higher …)–
Resembling nothing astronomers have ever seen before, in this solar system … out of almost ~6000 previously catalogued, rotating asteroid light-curve examples!
“A(2017)-U1-PanSTARRS” (like “Tabby’s Star’s” before it) is another genuine, still deepening celestial mystery … which The Enterprise Mission, via its totally separate research, has now serendipitously established, is also, “impossibly,” somehow connected to the planet–
                     *     *     *
What you are about to see, exclusively, in this Enterprise Mission official presentation for Members of Club 19.5 — could literally save the world–
By making the dawning of “a new Golden Age” — for all Humanity — finally viable.
Our current, increasingly nightmarish global situation:
The looming prospect — for the first time since my childhood … for over 30 years — of humans really … finally … destroying everything “they hold dear”–
In global thermonuclear War.
As a 1930’s science-fiction classic once asked–
Which will it be?”
The answer, remarkably — after you watch this special presentation of “Are WE ‘the Martians?'” — could be directly in YOUR hands ….
                     *     *     *
Yes, there IS an astonishing, provable “connection” — that Enterprise has now discovered — between “interstellar visitor #1” … and our ~30 years of Martian archaeological investigations!
That connection is founded on the SAME mathematical constants, now confirmed by Enterprise analysis, as being attached to BOTH celestial bodies ….
The proof behind these bold statements is presented — and, NOT “just for your eyes only …” — in–
“Are WE ‘the Martians?'”
For, after you’ve seen (and digested …) what we’ve discovered, your mission — should you choose to accept it! — will be to “spread this information around ….”
IF the scientific evidence for the reality of “ancient intelligent life on Mars,” assembled in this video, reaches enough people, viraly, around the world — especially, through your efforts, the current President of the United States via Twitter — the paradigm-shattering implications this video contains WILL change the current “negative geopolitical trend line” … for the simple reason that, the data is so easily confirmable ..,. SO revolutionary … SO “game changing” … so (initially)–
Potentially, threatening to every nation on Earth–
That its Reality — once researched … and believed — will INEVITABLY “change the global, current mistrustful global conversations”–
Into an atmosphere of “we need to work TOGETHER.”
By making EVERY nation on Earth suddenly look up “to the skies … to [given what currently exists on Mars] what could be waiting Beyond …” — and, out of sheer practicality, turn to every other nation on Earth “to form deeper human alliances” while there’s still time … in the face of “the ET Unknown.”
How do we know?
‘Cause, “that’s what humans do” … when faced with the Unknown — they band together.
Or, as President Ronald Reagan once apparently shocked then Russian leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, by stating–
“[I’m] sure [our] two superpowers would cooperate, if Earth was threatened by alien invasion ….”
You don’t suppose THIS could be why President Trump NEVER has a bad thing to say about Russian President Putin, do you?!
I mean, what if we’re already, secretly, cooperating … against “a perceived, coming ‘alien threat'” — and everything else that’s going on between these two most powerful nuclear nations on the planet, is carefully orchestrated political misdirection … before it’s “time?”
Wouldn’t THAT suddenly make everything about the last “impossible year” —  that currently makes NO sense — make sense?
With the compliments of “the Bridge,” watch “Are WE ‘the Martians?'”
Stay Tuned …                          🙂
Richard C. Hoagland
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