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  Ben van Kerkwyk

Ben van Kerkwyk is an Australian researcher, writer and content creator, now living in the United States.
He runs the website and associated youtube channel, and produces podcasts and short-form documentaries on various topics dealing with ancient mysteries and the new scientific work that has a bearing on the story of human history.
After 20 years and a successful multinational career in IT, along with a Bachelor of Science from James Cook University, Ben brings a unique perspective when investigating the evidence for ancient high technology, and casts such mysteries in the light of many new discoveries like those for the Younger Dryas Cataclysm, and the extension of the human civilization timeline.
A lifelong student and fan of history, Ben has been travelling the world for decades, and has filmed at many ancient sites, as well as interviewing and interacting with many of the leading authors and researchers working in this field.