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Brian is the founder and chairman of We the People OC, a team of concerned citizens who are seeking to hold elected public officials accountable for their actions to ensure that they understand they represent We the People, not govern us. When he is not busy leading his team in their efforts, he serves as the Executive Director/CEO of a medical practice in Southern California which focuses upon helping patients to remain healthy and live longer, more full lives. This includes both the physical and spiritual aspects of their lives. He and his partner, are in the process of expanding their practice and have a 5 year plan of opening 6 additional sites across the US. In addition, they are involved in the development of a wellness mentoring program that will be rolled out to corporations to help identify high risk employees and help them to lower their risk of serious illness.

Prior to his current endeavor, he served as a senior executive with a major software company working with some of the largest corporations in the world.

Brian is currently involved in developing two other projects that are focused upon medical and personal freedoms. He is part of a worldwide group that is focused upon providing infrastructure that brings back the concept of a community to suburban areas, where there are town squares with all businesses (including hospitals focused upon natural healing modalities) that uphold our constitutional rights to free speech, medical freedoms and right to medical privacy.

He is also involved in the rollout of an “alternative economy” website and phone application that provides subscribers the opportunity to learn which businesses in their community uphold constitutional rights including free speech, medical privacy, and non-compliance to health mandates.

Brian has degrees in Political Science, Business and Vocal Performance. He served in the US Navy and graduated from Indiana University School of Law.