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Chana Gail Spainhouer Willis

Navy Master Chief F.P. Spainhouer
ONI / CIA : Before, During & After

Chana Gail Spainhouer Willis lives in Texas was born on the Jacksonville Florida Naval base during the height of the cold war. Chana Gail is a literary agent, historian, writer and speaker, former executive editor of the Winnsboro News, editor and publisher of the Whitewright Rose and McKinney Living Magazine, forensics photographer and business consultant.
[pronounced SPAIN + HOUR]
was United States Navy Master Chief, Photo Intelligence, ONI, CIA, FBI, Dallas Police Department Crime Scene Photographer and Dallas Fire Department Photo Chief.
Over the course of several decades, SPAINHOUER grew up in blackland prairies of cotton fields in Dallas County to making camera lens for the space satellites and equipping U2 spy planes with aerial photo equipment, VAP62 and Task Force 43, going to the Antarctic with Admiral Byrd. Most profoundly, SPAINHOUER 91 year life spanned from serving in World War II in Tulagi Bay at the same time as JFK in 1944, to capturing through his camera lens the 1963 JFK assassination.
Willis, as a teenager in 1976-1978, even assisted her father in his photo lab at Dallas City Hall, learning how to develop film, make new negatives from spliced originals, and process some of the DPD evidence duplication for the HSCA.
In JACK ROTH’S book, Killing Kennedy, Chapter 11 showcases Chana’s story of discovering and talking with her dad, and documenting about his involvement in Dallas. The author said, “It was like peeling away the layers of an onion, to experience the discovery of her dad’s intelligence work through the eyes of a child over the course of her lifetime.”

Book: Killing Kennedy: Exposing the Plot, the Cover-Up, and the Consequences: Roth, Jack, Wecht, Cyril: 9781510775435: Books