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Group of Afterlife Researchers offering profound wisdom and creative inspiration they have received from a variety of channeled sources:

Sharing his more than three decades of research into the afterlife and paranormal phenomena, Daniel Drasin shows that the survival  of human consciousness after death constitutes a legitimate arena of scientific inquiry backed by a robust body of compelling evidence. He shares 15 promising avenues of post-materialist scientific investigation currently underway and explores what, by all accounts, the “next life” is like, where it’s located, what it’s made of, and what it’s for.

Daniel Drasin was raised in New Jersey and New York City and in the early ‘70s he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he has lived ever since, except for three lovely years in Boulder, CO during the early nineties.

His interests have always been eclectic and broadly scattered throughout the arts, sciences and humanities. Dan’s original career trajectory was toward Industrial Design, but after meeting the Cinema Vérité pioneers Albert Maysles, D. A. Pennebaker and Richard Leacock in the early 1960s, he became their apprentice and never looked back. Following a brief, five-semester run-in with higher education at Pratt, Harvard and the New School, Dan began a career in independent media production (film, video, radio, photography, music production and writing) that has now spanned six decades.

Films Dan has produced or photographed have earned over two dozen international awards, notably including his short 1961 documentary, SUNDAY, which was widely acknowledged as the first social-protest film of the 1960s, and remains part of the permanent film collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and was recently restored by the UCLA Film and Television archive. As of the early 2020’s it is still being shown at international film festivals.