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Darlene Ondi

Darlene is a published author, speaker, and best known for her gift as being an Intuitive Connector. She has created revenue of $1Million + through creating events and visceral experiences across North America with women from all over the world.

Known as the “Go-To” woman for two global CEO’s, Darlene is taking her talent as an Executive Coordinator to build community and gatherings.

With 23 years of entrepreneurial experience, Darlene delivers impactful and insightful knowledge to those who are ready for their true transformation. After coming through a two-year journey of a “dark night of the soul” experience, Darlene delivers a real and raw message with teachings that will accelerate your life path and shift your very way of being. Darlene is about empowering women and inspiring them to flourish into their authentic selves now!

For those who are ready to release all that no longer serves you, attending Darlene’s gatherings will assist You to really step into your true Magnificence.