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Darlene Ondi has a drive for excellence. Known as the “Go-To” Person, her talents as Executive Coordinator for two global CEOs, supported her in working with women all over the world to yield a revenue of over $1 Million.

Currently, she is working to bring awareness to the world as an Activist. She participates and facilitates Freedom Rallys where Canadians gather to Defend their Sovereign Rights. Darlene is a magnet for high vibration people, one might call her an Intuitive connector. Not only does she have a knack for bringing together collaborators of like-mind, she also is adept in tracking the details of production, to make sure the events achieve their goals.

Darlene is a potent speaker, able to convey the important details with an uplifting vision and she has co-authored several books.

As a trusted colleague and valued liaison, Darlene assists with promoting and providing impactful and insightful collaborations. She recently emceed an historic assembly in Canada, and works closely with exceptional peers such as Ted Kuntz, President of Vaccine Choice Canada, Tanya Gaw of Action4Canada, and David Lindsay of C.L.E.A.R. (Common Law Education and Rights)

She has been an invaluable guest scout and liaison for ‘The Other Side of the News.’

Darlene believes in Freedom, Empowerment, and BEing your Highest most Magnificent Self. Working on a project dealing with OBEs, NDEs and other “out of the box” experiences, she reminds others that to come from a place of truth, compassion, and happiness are virtues to strive for.

Darlene radiates health…and so, people seek her out to learn how they too can enjoy health and wellness. Through her own journey, she has come to understand the importance of good nutrition and on a deeper level, one’s beliefs, that “as a man/woman thinketh, so he/she is.”

Darlene is about helping people and she lives by two mantras…KNOW THYSELF and TREAT OTHERS AS YOU CHOOSE TO BE TREATED!