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Elizabeth Brown


Elizabeth Brown is an internationally renowned Causative Diagnostician. In addition to private clients, she works to support doctors, dentists, clinics, therapists and consultants in identifying causative factors behind illness – particularly cancer, ME, skin conditions, all forms of allergies, and sets of symptoms that have no orthodox label.

Elizabeth’s nomadic family background and diverse careers in media and film, interior design and international relocation have given her a broad experience of life. After living and working in New York and Washington DC, she worked for eight years with major multi-nationals and blue-chip companies in the City of London. Experiencing, first-hand, the debilitating effects of electromagnetic pollution in an office environment, she then co-founded and ran a successful geopathic stress consultancy, which rapidly received national press coverage. Thirty years of interest in holistic disciplines, including studying Feng Shui, astrology, remote viewing, dowsing and nutrition, stand her in good stead.

Her teachers have been as diverse as a Hopi Medicine Woman to two former presidents of the British Society of Dowsers. Her great-grandfather was a water dowser, and Elizabeth is a master dowser. She is on the Professional Register of the British Society of Dowsers, of which she has been a member since 1993.

In 2010 her book ‘DOWSING – The Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century’ was published. Immediately acclaimed as ‘…the best description of the faculty of dowsing, consciousness, healing and intuition…’ she was given the Bell Award by the British Society of Dowsers for achievement in notable written work. Now published in six languages it has become an international best-seller. In 2014 she was honored for a second time by the Society and awarded the Elsie Floyd Cup for outstanding contribution in the field of health dowsing.

With clients in over 30 countries, she travels throughout the UK and globally. Elizabeth is a trainer for the International Academy for Personal Development in Kuwait, a regular guest speaker at seminars and conferences worldwide, and runs her own workshops. Her credits include: The Times; Daily Telegraph; Daily Express; The London Paper; Natural Health Magazine; Kindred Spirit; Spirit & Destiny; Dowsing Today; Integrated Cancer & Oncology magazine; BBC Local Radio; Jazz FM; Channel 4 Television. For more about her work see: