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 Isaac Newton

At the age of seven became interested in space exploration, exotic technologies, and extraterrestrial life after watching an episode of Star Trek the Original Series. 
Intensely studied the UFO phenomena throughout his teenage years, inspired by the experiences of friends, family members, and acquaintances. 
Eventually discovered Coast to Coast AM and heard Richard C. Hoagland speak about the Face on Mars and other anomalies throughout the solar system. This inspired him to comb through images from the Mars Global Surveyor. 
Through his twenties and early thirties researched a wide variety of exotic energy and propulsion technologies including Brown’s Gas, magnet motors, solid state overunity transformers, noble gas engines, cold fusion or LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) systems, the Bie-field Brown effect, etc. 
In recent years, became fascinated with the research of Kenneth Shoulders into Exotic Vacuum Objects. This led him to recognize that the self organizing plasma phenomena referred to by many different names over the past century is at the root of virtually every exotic energy technology and the key to UFO technology.