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Mark Mirabello


Mirabello has appeared on the History Channel, discussing “deadly cults” in the series called Ancient Aliens (and in America’s Book of Secrets), he has appeared with Professor Noam Chomsky in M.A. Littler’s film the Kingdom of Survival, and Luke Abaffy documentary The Christmas Question.

Mirabello was a featured guest for an hour-long interview on afterlife concepts on “Open Minds.” The show, hosted by Regina Meredith, appears on the Gaia Television Network. (See his television film experience at

Mirabello has been a featured guest on several radio programs and podcasts, including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Beyond Reality Radio hosted by Jason Hawes and JV Johnson, Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, Tha Talks with Paul Obertelli and David Parry, The Farkas Files with David Farkas, Paranormal Yakker with Stan Mallow, and many others.

His publications deal with the supernatural (The Traveler’s Guide to the Afterlife and The Odin Brotherhood), the unnatural (the Pulitzer-nominated horror novella The Cannibal Within), and the natural (Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws).

Il Cannibale Dentro is an Italian-language version of The Cannibal Within, translated by Stefania Marchini.

His current project: “Secret Societies and Conspiracies”

Mirabello has a Ph.D. from the University of Glasgow (Scotland), an M.A. from the University of Virginia (U.S.A.), and a B.A. from the University of Toledo (USA).