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Dr. Mel Bruchet

Dr Mel Bruchet is a 80 year old very healthy and active grandfather. He is a respected and recently retired physician from Brittish Columbia. He has been prompted out of retirement and into action by: the undeniable death and disease caused by the forced covid injections, the obstruction of safe affordable effective treatment for covid; the targeting of children for the deadly jabs; and most recently the rash of dead babies born to pregnant women who were lied to and coerced into the so-called covid-“vaccines”.  

Dr Bruchet was at his Vancouver home with two other heroes, Dr Daniel Nagase and Dr Charles Hoffe. Four squad cars and eight police arrived at Dr Bruchet’s home. The peaceful and honorable Dr Bruchet was handcuffed and taken to Lionsgate Hospital.

After hours in handcuffs, this intelligent peaceful eighty year old physician was drugged then forcibly committed to a psychiatric ward. There he was denied his basic rights like telephone access. He was drugged with anti-psychotic medications. These anti-psychotics are contraindicated in elderly people because it gives them strokes and heart attacks. He had two mini-strokes (TIA’s), and was put through mental health hearings which were kangaroo courts attempting to focus on his thoughts about the covid ‘vaccines”.