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Ralphie Castaldo
 Ralph-Anthony Castaldo also known as Ra  born is a born  intuitive, caul bearer, musician, artist, and all around renaissance man. From a lineage with  deep ancestral genetic history going back hundreds of years in the Mediterranean that is connected to preserving the stellar mysteries. In August 1987 he had a NDE which seemed to amplify his already natural-born hypersensitivity in a whole new way opening him up to Harmonic frequencies and vibrations,  that he could not understand at first. He is an artist, musician, author,  world renown researcher  and even creates his own  copper healing products. Ra is also a dedicated father, martial arts coach and even a remote viewer who has much to share. His website features his copper healing products and crystals. You can also visit for free info. and where he does his quasar network remote viewing platform and shares all his exclusive research and experiments. Ra also hosts a talk show each week on the truth frequency radio network Saturday nights from 7 to 9pm Eastern.