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Ron Gibson is a former US Marine and Viet Nam veteran who currently works as a professional consultant, Counselor at Law, with over 50 years of experience on the subjects of land patents, mining law, right of way, contracts, water rights, and Constitutional Law. Raised on a ranch in Southern Oregon, Education in Engineering and Constitutional law. Having been raised on a cattle ranch and mineral background has helped him to tackle many of the issues facing rural America today. 

Ron has several gold and industrial mineral projects in the western US.  He currently serves as Vice President of the South West Oregon Mining Association and is the chairman of the Jefferson Mining District located in southern Oregon. 

A licensed pilot, Ron has designed two helicopter and is the inventor of two environmental clean-up products.

His love of history and lifelong experience in cattle and horses. In his spare time Ron enjoys collectible auto restoration, raising quarter horses and paint horses, flying, and teaching classes on Constitutional law, mining law and land patents.