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Sherrie Saunders is a Civil Rights Leader from Birmingham Alabama. She spends her free time serving as an Environmentalist, Natural healer and Spiritual Guide. She serves as Medicine Woman and Ceremonial Leader at her Native American Church. She leads peyote, psilocybin mushroom and other life-changing entheogenic experiences for its members and guests at a 42-acre retreat in Blount County Alabama.

For over 25 years, Sherrie has specialized in Civil, Family and Legal Advocacy that covers a broad area of Community Organizing Affairs and Activism. She served as Director of the non-profit, “Committee to Protect The Homeless” in Huntsville Alabama for 3+ years. She has volunteered with the Alabama Governors Office on Disability since 2010, serving Alabama’s disabled citizens as an Advocate in personal, legal or political affairs. She served as a Federal Whistleblower Witness for the EEOC in two Workplace Racial Discrimination Lawsuits that created a new Law of protection for whistleblowers.

Sherrie is a Graduate of the Huntsville Hospital Corporate University, 18-month Emerging Leaders Management training program. The training and information gathered while working for the sixth-largest Allopathic hospital system in the southeastern U.S. has served her well. In addition, her experience serving as a U.S. Army Reserve Combat Medic for 8 years, including numerous years researching medical topics, has provided her the information she discloses while Public Speaking on Medical Freedom and Vaccine Issue topics Nationwide.

Sherrie is actively working on two Environmental Contamination projects in Alabama:
The Bio sludge Dumping onto properties and rivers by the TYSON FOODS owned “River Valley Ingredients LLC”, the largest protein rendering plant of its kind in North America and the pollution of WMEL Water Authority and its 100,000+ customers have suffered from chemical and heavy metal contamination from 35+ companies including PFOA and PFOS contaminants from chemical giant 3M being dumped into the Tennessee River 11 miles upriver from the Water Intake Valve.

Sherrie’s hobbies include photography, investigative journalism and hosting her internet blog radio show “United Voices” found on and Empowering Strategies LLC for the Grassroots Mouthpiece Organization. She lives on a small farm with her two children raising horses, chickens, ducks and hogs.