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Zivayeh Starre is a guide, educator, writer and humanitarian, supporting those moving through all stages of Spiritual Awakening, Soul Embodiment, and Consciousness Expansion, in order to remember the Sacred… in body, life and heart.

Through a series of awakening events, Zivayeh was updated to perceive multidimensional realities, understand spiritual technology, and activate her cellular gnosis, to support this time of disclosure and planetary ascension.

She facilitates all phases of the soul initiation process through her education, mentorship and discussions, endeavoring to bring empowerment, meaning and inspiration to the often arduous and strange task, of bringing consciousness back into form.

Her mission, along with her Guardian Teams, is to support humanity at this time of Planetary Ascension in the restoration of Solar Consciousness – as an advocate for all people to remember their true divinity, in order to rise upward, in full expression, of their true Evolutionary potential.

Standing always in devotion to… the Light of Truth, Higher Love and Sovereign Power, at this extraordinary time, as we all, return, to the Sacred Age.