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  1. Robert 425 says:

    The information, depth 0f knowledge and viewpoint you bring to the public is most needed and appreciated. Thank you for fighting the good fight and I look forward to many more years of the same. Bob

  2. KenHubbard says:

    Really disappointing to leave us all hanging in the dark as to the future of TOSOM and KCAA. Richard should use a separate website to provide info to his listeners.
    Is this KCAA or is this Big Brother stepping in before the election and shutting things down.

  3. William tra says:

    I am sure we should be worried, the show will continue in some form!
    Rite now it seems to be over money’s owed er due, I am sure Richard has enough time in a kcaa they could have let the show finish the week, then on Fri/Sat niye show say sompin like ” ya no I think we gonin to take a week off, tune in next week on the same bat channel”
    But the way kcaa is treating the Listers rite is not a great business model, The management at kcaa has to no that all the other radio stations management is watch this unfold and it is not gewd for kcaa to be acting like this to us the Listers, this act of no comment is really goin to “hurt” kcaa in the end. It may even cost more to continue to act this way, the others on kcaa are watching this, and thinking this could be happen to me next ¡!!!¡
    From what I have read on Twitter, ” the other side of midniye crew” is dewin the best they can right now.
    I am sure if RCH could say sompin iam sure he would but I don’t think they can….?
    Lolo he would say maybe” hold the course”
    So fokes “straight on till dawn”
    And in close I would say … All my best wishes to the crew of the enterprise in this time of need … From all US Lister..
    William tra
    From the very, very dark woods of PA!
    PS, GO RCH !

  4. NANCY GFECK says:

    Should we be worried?

    • loiswatkins says:

      I think so! We haven’t heard from him or anyone! The last show was about the pyramids in Bosnia, and the one before that was Roger Stone that kept getting interrupted! Ahem!

      I’ve noted that Noory has steered away from controversial issues or he has someone from the establishment on like the idiot on about hacking who was a Clinton operative. It became obvious when he was asked about HC selling uranium ore to Russia and BC getting pd for speech! He ignored the question. In the mean time, Assauge hasn’t been seen nor heard from in 3-4 days

  5. Andrew says:

    Richard, you have developed an internationally devoted fan base, surely we can help to influence any potential new home. Please stay with us, we need you as are voice and friend. Let us know what we can do!

    • Robert says:

      Andrew, agree with you on that. For some reason us fans are kept in the dark on what is happening…talk about non-disclosure. Just a simple note to explain things would help. Why does the “announcement” section only have 1 post from July 2016? It should have had show/site updates, etc. on it. I wonder if “Fred” was in charge of that and never took care of it. Even RCH’s site (Enterprise Mission) is old, and even has an “upcoming” speaking engagement listed for……2004!

    • loiswatkins says:

      Richard, please stay the course! We’re with you!

  6. loiswatkins says:

    This saddens me. As a several decades long Hoagland fan it is refreshing to hear an intelligent discussion from someone with depth of understanding of issues and who really listened to his guest and could communicate his understanding to his general audience. He certainly fulfills “…to educate and inform”.Noory just doesn’t have it, he’s more interested in being “famous”. If RCH goes, who’s left?!!!

  7. David says:

    All updates for the show should be placed on Announcements Page for now on. Just leaving us hanging is unprofessional – even with anger.

    • Robert says:

      Couldn’t agree more, David. The whole KCAA site looks and performs like it is from the mid 1990’s! I think RCH got suckered into this one. For sure he needs to change his time slot to earlier at night. Wasn’t RCH also talking about something “big” happening behind the scenes with the show? Maybe this was it (being off the air). time will tell

      • David says:

        Still no updates on Announcements page. That should be its reason for electronically living

  8. charlie meyer says:

    I think you should just do a live pod cast in a better time slot.

    Maybe 3 hrs 3 days a week

  9. William tra says:

    An update would be nice from an official source here, not kewl to keep the listerns in the dark,
    At very least kcaa could at least update the page and say “sorry no show toniye”
    But please listen to this recorded show and an update will be comein soon that you for listening to the show toniye.!!
    But nothing is not kewl man..!
    Where is Fred on this …hmmm
    At very least somebody in management needs to step up and say sompin on this.

    William tra


  10. WalterBowen says:

    Sorry to hear about the problems with KCAA. I really, really, really hope the show will be able to return soon. I was so looking forward to last the panel last Fri/Sat. Best wishes!

  11. paul davidmatherly says:

    will the GCN slot be next?

  12. charlie meyer says:

    Sad you are off the air but not real surprised either. When Art quit and they didn’t give you that time slot, the writing was on the wall. I never listen to Heather (Redacted) Wade. I can’t take much of Nory either. Clad Lewis isn’t very good most of the time either (the speaker woke up and said boring).

    Anyway thanks for the effort, hope you still have a day job.

    +1 for being pro enough to tell us instead of making us guess.

  13. GeorgeStevenson says:

    any news or updates about the show returning ?

  14. KeithVassar says:

    While I agree with most of Trump’s positions and he seems to apparently not be a New World Order candidate, I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that he might be a shill for Hillary (Shillary). He seems to have gone out of his way to alienate numerous voting blocks. The thing is the New World Order needs Hillary to be the next President and since she’s completely unelectable and a lying vicious criminal, Trump may be acting to drive the voters into the cattle chute down onto Hillary’s killing floor.

    Whether that is true or not is immaterial because with very sophisticated voting fraud with these machines they can elect Hillary anyhow.

    The various sexual harassment accusations are ludicrous when you look at Bill Clinton’s history and how Hillary enabled him by threatening humiliating and persecuting his accusers.

  15. Andrew Currie says:

    The big difference with the shift that is occurring, is the personal responsibility that is now forefront. A messiah will not emerge with real and lasting answers. Change is rising up within each one of us and it is incumbent for all people to not only recognize this new inner reality; but to also take action based on this feeling. Everybody can sense something big is happening. That happening is a magnificent transformation which is striving to break through, and it’s coming through every human being. We all have a voice to help usher in this change. It is a personal responsibility. Are we up for it?

  16. Dr. Richard Spence could do voice overs (liners) as Brian Cranston. Uncanny resemblance – love it.

  17. Doug Trieber says:

    When you compared Trump and Kaine as interrupters, there’s a big difference. It’s what your interrupting, and what your interrupting with.

  18. Jake says:

    Sorry…Going to bed. This guy yells too much and sounds like he’s off his meds!!!

  19. Jake says:

    He’s full of crap…It’s not all bought!!! I’m not bought and i’m sure there’s quite a few others that AREN’T BOUGHT!!!!!

  20. Doug Trieber says:

    Wikileaks have released Emails sent from Edgar Mitchell (shortly before he died) to John Podesta, begging for a meeting to talk about ET disclosure and zero point energy. Check it on YouTube

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