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  1. charlie meyer says:

    I think we are in the holding pattern until something happens.

    I would bet there are fees involved for bumper music.

    • Other Side of Midnight Production Team says:

      holding pattern yes – thank you Charlie – we will be live very soon!

  2. CarolynHeath says:

    The site has not posted any new shows in a while. Does anybody know why? Did I miss an announcement? Thanks.

  3. Robert says:

    Just wondering if, on any internet talk show, not just RCH, if the bumper music they play needs a license to air?

  4. Doug Trieber says:

    Listening to an old show. Wow, did the left wing media ever have you sucked in about the ‘evils’ of Trump. You’ve wizened up since.

  5. GregStierley says:

    Hey 19.5ers,
    I did a search on UFO on WikiLeaks and found an email to John Podesta from Edgar Mitchell requesting a meeting with the President about Disclosure. I’m not a big on the “D” word actually happening and you can see in the email Podesta wants to keep Mitchell away from the President. There’s your $5 worth for this month 😉

    Re: Apollo Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s, Request for Meeting to discuss Disclosure

    From:[email protected]
    To: [email protected], [email protected]
    Date: 2014-07-29 13:53
    Subject: Re: Apollo Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s, Request for Meeting to discuss Disclosure

    Dear Eryn:

    Dr. Mitchell is available for a meeting with John Podesta the week of
    August 11, but will not be able to come to DC.

    He would like me to attend the meeting and then we patch him in via skype.

    Thanks for getting back to me on this with a date and time.
    My phone is 301-915-4660.


    *Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD*
    Founder, Institute of Exoconsciousness
    *Bridging Extraterrestrial Experience and Consciousness Science*

    *Mobile*: 301-915-4660 *Skype*: rebecca.hardcastle.wright


    On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 12:42 PM, Sepp, Eryn

    > Received! Thanks Rebecca. Sorry for the delay—it’s been a heck of a
    > month.
    > John would likely take this meeting alone first before involving the
    > President, so let me ask him if he can do this in August. He’ll be in town
    > Aug 11 – 22. Is Dr. Mitchell planning to be in town then?
    > Thanks,
    > Eryn
    > Eryn M. Sepp
    > Special Assistant to the Counselor to the President
    > 202-456-1404
    > [email protected]
    > *From:* Rebecca Hardcastle Wright [mailto:[email protected]]
    > *Sent:* Wednesday, June 25, 2014 8:08 AM
    > *To:* Sepp, Eryn
    > *Subject:* Apollo Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s, Request for Meeting to
    > discuss Disclosure
    > *Re: Apollo Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s, Request for Meeting to
    > discuss Disclosure*
    > Dear John Podesta:
    > As we move into the last half of 2014, the need for extraterrestrial
    > disclosure intensifies. Thank you for your kind consideration and response
    > to my email.
    > This 4 July weekend I will meet with President Obama’s friend, Ambassador
    > Hamamoto, at the US Mission in Geneva during their Independence Day
    > Celebration. While in Geneva I will also speak at the UN and the European
    > Space Agency regarding why we must move forward with disclosure and
    > specific programs such as manned moon missions, since some scientists and
    > others are calling for moon colonization due to what they perceive is
    > happening on Earth.
    > John, with this email I am requesting a conversation with you and
    > President Obama regarding the next steps in extraterrestrial disclosure for
    > the benefit of our country and our planet.
    > Fifty years ago Battelle, Brookings and RAND studies on UFOs convinced the
    > government to remove knowledge of the extraterrestrial presence from the
    > citizens of our country. These organizations advised with their best
    > information. However, today much, if not most, of the extraterrestrial
    > reality they examined is known by our citizens. These organizations’
    > resultant strategies and policies of 50 years ago no longer hold
    > credibility or benefit.
    > Five decades of UFO information have dramatically shifted the public
    > awareness of an extraterrestrial presence. And yet, our government is
    > still operating from outdated beliefs and policies. These are detrimental
    > to trust in government transparency, science, religion, and responsible
    > citizenry embracing the next step in our country’s space travel and
    > research.
    > Three disclosure issues are prominent: 1) planet sustainability via next
    > generation energies such as zero point energy, 2) galactic travel and
    > research undertaken as an advanced species aware of the extraterrestrial
    > presence, not as uninformed explorers who revert to colonialism and
    > destruction and 3) the example of a confident, engaged government who
    > respectfully regards the wisdom and intellect of its citizens as we move
    > into space.
    > I respectfully receive your response to my request for conversation on
    > disclosure.
    > [image: Image removed by sender.]
    > Warmest Regards,
    > Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD
    > Chief Science Officer & Founder, Quantrek
    > Apollo 14 astronaut
    > 6th man to walk on the Moon
    > cc:
    > Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD
    > Washington DC Representative, Quantrek
    > 301-915-4660

  6. Doug Trieber says:

    Oct 26 At his N Carolina rally Trump announced he will make major investments in space exploration. (it’s gonna be huuuge 😉 He said that will add a tremendous amount of jobs for Americans.

  7. Adrian says:

    The repeat of the post debate #1 panel show was true drek. Why was IT repeated and not something more in keeping with the theme of the show—out there and. One more of these and I am fully gone Richard. What happened to the interesting unconventional stuff you used to do? Your show has begun to descend like MOtD, and obviously C2C already has, into political stupidity instead of remaining neutral. Art has dirtied his own legacy by becoming such an outspoken T lover. Too bad it came to all this after such a wonderful start.

    • trostol says:

      begun? since the beginning of 2016 the show went off the rails being vastly more political talk then even his crazy theories

      • Other Side of Midnight Production Team says:

        then why torture yourself?? bye! i mean that in the best way possible.

    • Other Side of Midnight Production Team says:

      take care Adrian – maybe we’ll meet at a bbq or a baseball game someday.

    • James Miller says:

      Adrian, I certainly cannot speak for Richard C. but I can comment just a bit on my own. This political year is THE most critical election in a very long while. Both sides (and, it is very much of a ‘side’ kind of thing now) understand that, they will be under the other’s essential dictatorship if their opponents win. Naturally, this is terrifying dually as the office of the Presidency now possesses powers-in-extraordinary as have been granted it by Congress. (All should by now know of what I speak. It is similar to what Stalin enjoyed, although here and now in our case it is a matter of passed law, all signed, sealed and neatly delivered by our Representatives and Senators.) I believe that R.C. has been devoting much time to the matter because of the above plus the fact it is of such great interest as merely a study. As well, Richard being the scientist that he is goes where the EVIDENCE does; he is not an ideologue as so many others of us are: he sees good evidence then his position vis-a-vis gets changed too, or more than likely. After all of this fury is over (thank Goodness herself) it will be back to the subjects we all KNOW and LOVE!!! Let’s be patient, OK? He is getting this technical and sponsorship stuff worked out in a ‘scientific’ way, I am sure. Hope that helps to explain some from this one listener’s viewpoint? All the best.

  8. Ken says:

    Good to hear you back on the air Richard (10-26-16).

    To help clear up why Hillary was able to talk so fluidly during the 1st and 3rd debate, you have to watch a video taken and shown on the Alex Jones (10-23-16 & 10-25-16)
    The videos of the debate clearly shows that Hillary
    had a lighted screen (teleprompter?) inside her podium that was visible from the top through a 3″ wide slot. This explains why she was looking down and blinking her eyes and speaking without any hesitation on many subjects. (Trump’s podium did not have a lighted screen inside).

    Also, after the debate, the video shows 3 men removing items from under Hillary’s podium when no one was looking- they were Clinton people. No one went near Trumps podium. Take a look at the video evidence yourself.

    (see “features” 10/23) “Rigged Debate Questions”
    of 1st & 3rd Debates-

  9. charlie meyer says:

    It’s nice to see an actual update even if it’s a day late. Best of luck finding a new home on the air.

  10. David Hodges says:

    I’m assuming the show is back on KCAA, since nothing to the contrary was stated.

  11. Lisa Tatum says:

    I have been charged 4-5 times a month since April. Why? I have written 2 emails to try and get an explanation. No one is responding.. Please refund my money for all the overcharges each month since April. I thought you were honest people and now am beginning to wonder. I only ordered one subscription a month.

    • waynedennison says:

      Lisa, I think it is a recurring monthly charge until you cancel thru paypal. If that is where the deduction is being made. You must do that. The cancellation process is now easier to find that what it once was.

      • Lisa Tatum says:

        I still need to be reimbursed from the merchant (theothersideofmidnight) for 12 additional charges since April on my credit card to you. According to PayPal the other side of midnight needs to reimburse me for previous months of 12 extra charges within the last 6 months. My next step is to dispute those charges with my credit card company. Sincerely, Lisa Tatum

    • Will says:

      I can tell you this wasn’t RCH’s fault. I to had same problem but with just one charge and the people who actually setup the DAP system didn’t know what he was doing. Just wanted to let you know have faith. Richard is a honest man and if you email them they will make sure they are all refunded if they havent been already!

  12. charlie meyer says:

    So the show appears to be back *live* later tonight aka Wednesday morning. Zulu time would eliminate all doubt, especially considering the world wide audience.

    Wondering where to listen, will the listen live link work?

  13. Gary says:

    For all fans wanting an update on what’s going on with RCH & the Otherside of Midnight show on Oct. 24/25 as to what is going on with the show. As of 2:38 am I don’t have a freck’en clue as to why the show isn’t on the air, and what’s going on with Richard. However, I will totally make something up out of the total blue if that will help in some sort of disjointed manner be able to deal with it better.
    A week ago Richard was taken aboard of an Alien Survey ship that was mapping the 39th. Parallel as a part of a torxison physics, 2 week long, “vacation with a bunch of nobodies” cruise. Which RCH won by sending in the second chance to Win option” off the back of a losing $27.00 NASA Mars Surveyor mission, Scratch off ticket. Because Richard failed to sign the back of his losing lotto ticket, He was forced to accept the alternative prize. Which, that prize, was being forced To sign up for ObamaCare for 2 years, at the highest deductible. Well,” when the Aliens that abducted him, found out that RCH had Obamacare, they refused to use the Anal Probe on Richard. And everyone knows that ObamaCare won’t pay for (Onboard the Spacecraft) Anal Probes without a previous Authorization. Well, Whitley Striber happened to be working part time at the insurance companies call center, and Whitley denied Richards Anal Probe. ” He was Like,” HELL NO Hogeland, your not going to get to write Communion II, that’s my anal Probing! So, Richard has been so distraught since then, because the aliens rolled Hogeland for his Credit Card to fill up their UFO at the 7/11 store. Well, when Richard saw that their UFO held 287,000 gallons of Gas, and they charged it to his credit card, he’s been totally speechless since that day, and he’s just been sitting there, in a daze, mumbling two hundred and eighty seven thousand gallons, that’s a lot, did you know that’s a lot? And until Richard gets that resolved, the show is on hold, reruns only. So, that’s the very latest up to the minute update, about the show, But, stay tuned.

  14. Scotty says:

    Just in case anyone wants to know, the spinning globe, when clicked on, reports the number of visits to the website, since May 10, 2016, NOT the number of listeners of the stream. Just read it.

  15. charlie meyer says:

    Wow some of you folks?! So did you cancel the automatic payment – you are as much at fault as the company that made the withdrawal.

    So how many of you can put together a network, a show, schedule interesting guests… Seems to me to be a lot of work for a bunch of thankless people.

    I think were are on the 3rd planet from the right, left is sinister. Take Hilarity Clintoon as the example.

    • Robert says:

      To blame the paying listeners for cancelling payment is absurd! Even though RCH did post an update, he didn’t say what the problem was and didn’t give any solutions whatsoever. I like Richard, I don’t want to see him go away either, but there is a disconnect here. He didn’t explain if the problem is technical, personal, political or what. I remember one show where there were some tense political moments between Robin F. and Fred. Could that be it? Is it financial? Is it health related since RCH has not exactly been on every show (esp. Fridays). If I were a paying club member and continually got replays, glitches, etc., I would cancel payments too. The amount per month isn’t the point. I still don’t know why he left the Dark Matter… network. The sound was way better and they seemed to have fewer glitches. He was no better off going with KCAA, he had the same 2 hr. timeslot.

      • trostol says:

        he is not on KCAA for the same reason he is no longer on reasons

        • Robert says:

          So are you saying KCAA fired RCH for not creating enough revenue? Or are you saying KCAA wasn’t paying RCH enough so he is moving on? I think it would be fascinating for RCH to have a once a week TV show, exploring the stuff he is best at, maybe on the History Channel, or it could replace the waste of time “Finding Bigfoot” that airs on the Animal Planet network. I like to call that show “Pretending to Look for Bigfoot” instead.

          • trostol says:

            Richard wasn’t paying KCAA

          • Robert says:

            Ok, so in essence, RCH was not paying KCAA because his show couldn’t generate enough funds to make it worthwhile financially? Or is there someone who owns KCAA would be involved. I’m not being coy, just trying to understand…

          • trostol says:

            from what i have read and conversed with Fred the owner of KCAA, Richard was getting a doscount to broadcast or what ever..but he wasn’t/or refused to pay any more ..this is from one of the sources close

            The latest news from KCAA’s is that Richard is not willing to pay KCAA any more money until the deal with the new network is finalized. KCAA has provided them service at below their costs but can no longer afford to do so. Richard has neen very displeased with KCAA’s performance so far. Mr KCAA personally negotiated the new deal with GCN Live network and stated to me he is “bewildered” by Richard’s desire to part ways at this time. KCAA was very forthcoming with his explanation of this unfortunate situation. I hope Richard is as well, as we all really want this show to go on. Making the “connections” isn’t very easy without RCH! Richard, I hope you won’t see this post as someone overstepping his boundaries. I merely wanted to shed some light on the situation. Sincerely, avid listener, one of your biggest fans…

            names have been removed of course

  16. TMcCullom says:

    I want to thank the show/producers/station
    Who let RS
    It’s breathtaking to know how far this nation has fallen in dis-repair ????
    If your legit RCH may your angels keep u safe

  17. GeorgeStevenson says:

    thanks for the update RCH its not easy i understand please do a Winston Churchill and K.B.O keep buggering on i hope you are back on the air again soon until then 3rd Star on the left…straight on til morning… god speed sir

  18. Agnes says:

    I am certainly not impressed with the way you are treating your LOYAL FOLLOWERS, RCH ! Yesterday instead of a credit or return on the money you charged me and gave me zero in return, I found you charged my paypal account for another month …FOR WHAT ? You wil not even tell us. From what I have read written by Fred it is all about money and we have no idea why. You walked away from us without a warning as if it isn’t OUR hard earned money you are counting on and did not even spare us a moments thought. I really thought better of you Richard. This includes your many many many loyal audience who may just give up soon. Just put yourself in our place, how would you feel to be left totally in the dark and foolishly paying for it. Come on Richard talk to us we might understand what you are doing and why.

    • GeorgeStevenson says:

      bugger off then

    • Desiree says:

      Although I understand your frustration, it’s an AUTOMATIC PAYMENT. This happened last time and they not only canceled the automatic payments, but they also refunded the money. Be patient and I’m sure they will make it right. If not, then bitch.

  19. PaulMervin says:

    Thanks for the update, good luck with the new mission!

  20. 10/20/16
    That announcement was heaven sent! THANK YOU!! I was getting so sad – and you know how sad turns to mad. It’s really all we needed to keep our candles lit and held high (notice I said candles, not torches and pitchforks). I am always, at once, distressed at the lack of callers (compared to even MITD) and yet impressed at the (mostly) intelligence level of the callers. With such a large audience of so many countries, I can’t understand why there are not more callers. Hope the stress from all this stuff is not lowering your immune system. Imagine my stress level when I was having to put out 26 syndicated shows a week at WWOne. Fortunately, Dr. Demento made it all worth while LOL

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