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  2. Kay says:

    The part that make me chuckle is the “LISTEN LIVE” flashing icon, yet they state all shows are replays.
    Lights on, nobody home. Sad really.
    Oh yeah hosted by “” hmm they must be right.
    Man am I missing something here? Is there a punch line to this stuff? Or are you folks just messin’ with us?

  3. edwardhopper says:

    For people who claim to value the truth, seems like there’s a lot of information scrubbing going on around here, courtesy of the Other Side of Midnight team. Seems like the last six weeks of comments have disappeared. Subtle, guys.

    The reason I came to comment tonight is to say that I unsubscribed as a member, along with a bunch of other people from the last few days whose comments have disappeared.

    I agreed with their assessment of this whole charade, and that’s why I left. There are buckets of free, quality content all over the Internet. If RCH truly cared about us, he would have provided concessions to members who have stuck with him this whole time. Free audio messages to tide us over, telling us how frustrating the delay is and what he’s been working on lately? Nope. Even periodic sneak peeks of what he’s been writing? Not a chance. Doesn’t seem like he even writes anymore; his web page hasn’t been updated since 2014.

    Fact is, I’m embarrassed. Embarrassed that I stuck around for this long, paying money I need in this economy to a man who doesn’t care about me or any of us. I paid money to support a show that doesn’t exist. I paid money to a man whose defining characteristic is dropping projects mid-stream and walking away from people who paid for the privilege.

    I’m done.

  4. William tra says:

    Hi everyone, cold niye in pa. 3o wit a stiff breeze, and about 6-8 in of snow…. Brrr
    Reason fer this post is to tell ya about the Dec. super moon ….comein up soon..
    Closest to Earth (Perigee): December 12, 6:27PM EST
    Full moon: December 13, 7:05PM EST
    Viewable: December 12–14
    William tra
    Dark woods of PA.

    Ps. Hi miss M..

  5. William tra says:

    Replay toniye:Mon/the Anthony Patch 8-26-16
    ( )
    To follow radio wit pics

    Sorry had to dew it, cause it seemed to needed done !
    That way at least we can still follow alone!
    Ya no, 3rd star..


    Bye,Till morow!
    William tra
    Dark woods of PA.

  6. Bob O'Connell says:


    • Kenny U says:

      Since there is no show I decided to entertain all myself. RCH is under the spell of Trump – he is working to spread disinformation for the Reptilian/Putin cause. Richard was in charge of generating & migrating the 650K Emails – important work. For his efforts he was to be reward by being promised the position of Director of Off World Science with a black budget of Billions.

      Richard became infected by the dark side from his association with Alex J. & George N. You all know the symptoms – constant lying & locker room talk – it effects each person differently. Only a triple shot of Docks W’s supplements can save him!

      • GeorgeStevenson says:

        yip honesty and integrity something lefty’s will never be able to grasp TRUMP 2016 UKIP SCOTLAND FOR TRUMP

  7. ChrisMiekina says:

    Is show on or still off??? No information no explanation on the page… Club 19.5 still have old dr. Sam show about Bosnian Pyramids. I understand transition and other problems but TOSOM stay quiet to long! Not for the first time – same thing happened after the adventure with Dark Matter Radio. I was hoping for something refreshing after boredom with C2C especially with horrible and always unprepared George Noory and looking forward to TOSOM. Richard is great (always was) despite his constant “wait, wait!” or “hold right there” which breaking train of taught of his guests. But keeping quiet that long make me think… After TOSOM left Dark Matter Radio I did not stop my payment for this station and listen occasionally to MITD show. I was about to stop my payments when Heather Wade take over as a host and she’s great!!!! I enjoy her a lot and show is almost 4 hrs. long. This girl have stamina and she always fresh, positive and make you feel good. Shows are taught provoking, unbiased and very interesting. I don’t try to advertise for her but I want to let TOSOM know that there is other places to go where simple listener like me are treated much better, appreciated and informed. Still thank you for a number of great shows and please Richard: we are for you but sometimes you can be for us to. Good luck with whatever you do right now.

    • Andrew says:

      I understand your frustration Chris, I really do but I can not agree with the, Heather Wade, comparison. Yes. she is very nice but come on she dose not hold a candle to our Richard. While RCH can be a bit of a nudge, he gets the info we are looking for, and that’s what counts.
      On another topic, I think the right home for the show is KGRA with Linda Molten Howe and Jimmy Church and Richard Dolan. But there might be an issue with Jimmy and his relationship with Noory. Shame really, the time slot would work perfectly. Anyway, miss the show a lot. Hope U come back soon.

      • Andrew says:

        Oh, and one more thing. to our TOSOM family, please don’t only read the comments, add to them especially our international friends’. I think it would help…….yes?

      • Robert says:

        Hello, I assume you’re the Andrew that is a regular on the imaging panel. But even if you’re not, I think the frustration and downright distrust with being off the air is as follows: RCH claimed and almost promised that this new “KCAA” thing would be much better, reach more people, be technically better, etc. than the Dark Matter deal, we all believed him. Then after a short time all of the above proved to be untrue. His timeslot is brutal (2:00am) here. Many times I haved worked late, just to make sure I caught most or all of his show. If he is setting up a new deal I sure hope he is on earlier. I also think he should be more up front with what’s happening. We need to hear 1) “we are working on a new station and will be back in mid-november” or something that actually happens. 2) He needs 3 hrs. (because of the many guests he has on at once sometimes (i.e. the imaging panel), and also because he doesn’t take enough calls. I for one am tired of hearing the same 3 callers (Michelle, Darren, know-it-all guy from Minnesota). I found RCH on youtube, and found his lectures to be interesting, then found him on DMDN. It is a shame that people like Will-Robert-Keith-Andrew-Spence-Basset, and a few other regular guests can’t come up with a joint effort and get something stable for RCH to be the leader on.

        • trostol says:

          he doesn’t want to take callers case he would have to stop talking, plus someone might call him out on most of his BS or he is afraid it will be gary

        • Andrew says:

          No, I am not the show Andrew. Just a fan Like U. We only have different ways of expressing ourselves. Stay positive. I’m sure there are reasons RCH can not be more commutative at this time. We’ll Just have waite and see. Cheers

      • ChrisMiekina says:

        Don’t get me wrong Andrew – Richard is genius! But as they say: formula for greatness is: 6% of genius and 94% of work. And Richard sometimes act like cult leader and think he can get with anything – also with eerie silence on the air without any word of explanation, reassurance or simple “happy halloween folks!” Heather work hard and what is most important she let guests explain they ideas and thoughts without constant interruptions. In TOSOM guests are only background (sometimes background noise) for RCH. This is two different shows. George Knapp is still the king of radio conversation and he is the only one I miss form C2C.

  8. michelenorris says:

    I have been double charged since I subscribed to club 19-5, for 3 months. On 2 separate credit cards, $5 each. The paypal account and a personal bank card. I have tried at least a half dozen times emailing theorganicmike@gmail and have not received a reply. Also tried to call his number listed on your website and it does not answer. I see other people are also having this issue by reading these comments. Please contact me [email protected]. or by phone 219-765-5799. I don’t want to cancel the subscription but i do want a $15 refund for the overcharges or 3 free months. Please. Your customer service appears to be nonexistent. Michele Norris

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