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Download the packet of FREEDOM RISING FLYERS & Organizing Form

To My Fellow Leaders and Influencers in Canada’s Freedom Movement

I’m writing with an important update on our efforts to create a unifying message to inspire and embolden Canadians to rise up.

Thank you to those who attended our English and French launches of the ‘CANADA RISING’ initiative and incorporated this inspirational message into your websites, brochures and emails. We were thrilled with your support for this initiative.

We’ve altered our message in a way which we believe has an even greater potential to unify Canadians and citizens globally.

Our new rallying cry is FREEDOM RISING.

This is a natural evolution of CANADA RISING and a logical step in growing the message. We believe FREEDOM RISING is significantly more powerful to achieve our goal to inspire a global movement that cannot be ignored.

Attached are a number of new logo images to replace the previous CANADA RISING images.

I’d appreciate if you would place a FREEDOM RISING logo on your website, flyers, postcards, letterhead and merchandise, and to share the FREEDOM RISING message in your speeches and in your communications with those in your network. (I’ve added an example from the Take Action Canada home page)

I also want to announce that we have created a website – FREEDOM RISING ALLIANCE CANADA ( and The purpose of the website is to list the various organizations working to safeguard our rights and freedoms in Canada. It is our expectation that Canadians will use the website to identify organizations and initiatives they wish to learn more about and support.

To have your organization added to the FREEDOM RISING ALLIANCE CANADA website please complete the information in the attached word document.

I’d also appreciate if you would share contact information of individuals, influencers and organizations we may have missed.

Thank you again for your support with this important initiative.

Millions of Canadians are looking for a sign that this tyranny will end. Our intention is to give them exactly that: FREEDOM RISING

May the strength of our collective efforts in alliance restore our rights and freedoms in Canada and globally.

In gratitude,

Ted Kuntz

on behalf of the Freedom Rising team