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Chris’ Items:

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1. Hoagland’s Mars



2A . Brookings Title



2B. Brookings Text



3. Cydonia Buried City



4A. Pathfinder Sphynx


4B. Pathfinder images with Star Wars guy




4C. National Geographic 3D



5. Crinoid & RAT



6A – Glass Worms_Bathysphere



6B. Glass Worms Closeup



6C – Bathysphere Silver



6D – Bathysphere Blue



6E – Glass Worm Artistic Rendering

Note: This illustration is not by Fred Torres & Kynthea,
my confusion about which image we were referring to. – Kynthea


6F – Animation by Fred Torres and Kynthea
      (music by Kynthea & Richard Kaplan)

Martian_Tube – Click to View


7. Spirit Mechanical Objects



8A. Chris Rogers Discovery



8B. Chris Rogers Discovery CloseUp



9. X-Conference 2004 Hoagland_Van_Flandern



10. Iapetus_Death Star  /



11A. Mt. Sharp Runway #5 full size



11B. Runway #5 closeup






13. Chris Rogers Voyage Home with Mars



14. Recording PROMO