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Richard’s Items   1. Donald Trump: The president to take us to Mars?   2. “Oldchella,” Officially Called Desert Trip, Announces Full Details, Including Mind-Blowing Ticket Prices   3. Alberta wildfire: Emergency declared in Fort McMurray Bill’s Items 1. A Journey Into Prayer: Pioneers of Prayer in the Laboratory: Agents of Science or Satan?     http://www.amazon.com/Journey-Into-Prayer-Pioneers-Laboratory/dp/1401091490/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1237408250&sr=1-1     2. Overview of Spindrift http://www.spindriftresearch.org/overview.php   3. Prayer Based Questions addressed by Spindrift http://www.bloomingtononline.net/directory/docs/583.pdf 4.  http://www.spindriftresearch.org/examples.php 5. Split Mold Experiment:   http://www.spindriftresearch.org/showphoto.php?p=2274 6. Peace Sculpture, Bloomington, Indiana   7. Bruce Klingbeil – Co-Founder of Spindrift Research 8. John Klingbeil – Co-Founder of Spindrift Research                         9. Bill Sweet was brought up in Wilmette, Illinois.  He graduated from New Trier High School, which was the top public high school in the country at the time and went on to Illinois State University and received a […]