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Websites: brendandmurphy.net, Global Freedom Movement Despite the most “normal” upbringing my parents could manage, I have devoted my life to being anything but. After a major metanoia experience at the age of 20 – triggered by Michael Talbot’s book “The Holographic Universe” – I soon experienced what’s often referred to as cosmic consciousness, confirming the reality of the holographic universe concept and more importantly, I remembered who and what we ALL are. Never looking back, for the past 12+ years I have been a dedicated truth seeker and illusion destroyer. My first book,”The Grand Illusion”, released at the end of 2012, was carefully designed to methodically and systematically break down received wisdom, outdated dogmas, and outright lies, and shine light on the sometimes complicated, but often simple, truths about consciousness and reality. I have been so intensely and stubbornly dedicated to this mission of awakening the planet, throwing off the shackles, and […]