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Hosted by Kynthea & Keith Morgan Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard – Cheryl & Linda – Keith Fast links to Bios: Cheryl – Linda – Keith The “UFO Phenomena” (sorry, in 21st Century governmental newspeak, “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon” — UAP) has been going on for over three-quarters of a century. But the truth is, we (“average” US citizens …) still haven’t a CLUE as to what they “REALLY are!” Oh, I know ALL the UFO “explanations” that have been around these past ~75 years: “Top Secret, US governmental ‘anti-gravity’ prototypes” … being REPEATEDLY tested right over MAJOR US cities– New York … Los Angeles … Washington DC! Right …. Or– A stunning Earthly “aerospace breakthrough” — made by some potentially hostile “foreign power” … but, oddly, NEVER used … not in Korea, Vietnam, the War on Terror, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., etc. …. Makes sense (yeah, right ….). Or, the […]