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Richard’s Items 1.   2. Europa Water Plumes Appear to Erupt From Jupiter’s Moon in New Photos               3. The Enterprise Mission – Europa               4. An unusual ‘black moon’ is coming Friday, but it’s not the end of the world               5.  How to Follow Rosetta’s Grand Finale           6. Musk’s Mars moment: Audacity, madness, brilliance—or maybe all three             7. Neil deGrasse Tyson Comments on Elon Musk’s Mission to Mars             8. Pluto | PenguinRandomHouse.com                                 Kynthea’s Items                     Keith’s Items               Andrew’s Items                 […]

Richard’s Items: 1. 3 Dead in Seattle-Area Mall Shooting, Gunman on the Loose, Say Police     2. Elon Musk’s SpaceX narrows in on cause of rocket explosion     3. US Senate Committee approves $19.5 billion 2017 budget for NASA     4. Face Surveyor Odyssey Composite     5. Statue2 enhanced     6. Curiosity Haunebu Comparison inset     7. Gale City Pyramid Complex annotated   Keith’s Items: 1. Soldier Sol 1448     2. Bayon-Mars Sol 1454     3. Triangle Frieze Sol 1429     4.The Dome     5. Pluto Collage     Will’s Items: 1. Building Foundation     2. Building Foundation | Study by Kynthea     3. Building Foundation | Study by Kynthea     4. Chunk Of Building     5. Machine Or Animal Vertebrae     6. Steel Sheet Metal     7. Eight Perfectly Spaced Objects     Andrew’s Items: 1. […]

Richard’s Items 1. 2.  Elon Musk has ‘not ruled out’ a UFO hitting the SpaceX rocket that exploded       3.  South Korea prepares for ‘worst case scenario’ with North Korea           4. Nurse kissed in iconic V-J Day photo dead at 92                 5. Ryan Lochte attacked during ‘Dancing with the Stars’ live premiere               Keith’s Items:                         Will’s Items:                     Andrew’s Items:                     Bob’s Items:                       Chris’ Items:                       Thomas’ Items:                     Keith Laney […]