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Richard’s Items: 1. What Russia’s DNC Hack Tells Us About Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server 2. A filibuster in favor of gun control is probably doomed, but the real fight is in the states 3. Elon Musk Really Believes Humans May Just Exist In Some Other Civilization’s Video Game   Cynthia’s Items:   1. Earliest Examples Of The Mandela Effect 2.   3. 4. 5. 6. Website: Reality Shifters, Cynthia’s Books Cynthia Sue Larson, intuitive life coach, best-selling author, and radio show host had a sense from early childhood of remembering who she was before she was born–with a feeling of being connected to the presence of loved ones who are ever-present, compassionate, and in harmonious alignment with themselves and others. The disparity between what she remembered from before she was born and the way most westerners tend to think, feel, and act initially led her to lead an inner spiritual life, […]

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Hoagland’s Links Dangerous Winter Storm Jonas to Bring Crippling Snowstorm, Major Ice Threat; Blizzard Warnings for D.C., Baltimore A Most Hyperdimensional Eclipse … and Final Venus Transit Tonight’s Guest: Cynthia Sue Larson Pop Quiz Answers [Click Here] Website: Reality Shifters Cynthia Sue Larson, MBA, DD, “The Quantum Optimist,” is a best-selling author and life coach who hosts “Living the Quantum Dream” on the DreamVisions7 radio network. Cynthia helps people find love, meaning and prosperity by visualizing and accessing whole new worlds of possibility. She has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and practices and teaches meditation and martial arts. Cynthia has been featured in numerous shows including the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, and BBC. Endorsed by Dr. Larry Dossey, Fred Alan Wolf, and Stanley Krippner, Cynthia Sue Larson’s newest book, “Quantum Jumps,” describes the science of instantaneous transformation emerging from the convergence of recent research findings in Physics, Biology, and Psychology. […]