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Richard’s Items: 1. Khizr Khan: Trump Has A Black Soul 2.  3.   Dr. Pincus’ Items 1. Dr. Pincus’ Slides 1.           2.           3.           4.           5.             David Pincus, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Psychology, Crean School of Health and Life Sciences, Chapman University. Dr. David Pincus is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice and associate professor of clinical and health psychology in the Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences at Chapman University in Orange, California, USA.  He first became interested in Chaos Theory in a high school physics class while growing up in Mequon Wisconsin.  The year was 1986, and while searching for articles in the school library for oral reports, his friend Chuck Gould showed him a cover article in Scientific American […]