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Richard’s Items 1. Record-Breaking Snowfall Dumps on East Coast [News] 2. Transcript of ABC-TV “Good Morning America” Program on Cold Fusion Excess Energy and Radioactivity Reduction [News] 3. The Cincinnati Group Discloses Its Radioactivity Remediation Protocol [PDF] 4. Snow Storm 2016 From Valerie Sisler, Rivesville, WV Dennis’ Items Remediation Proposal for the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant [PDF] Fukushima NPP Remediation Project Team Executive Summary [PDF] NEXXUS NEWS 1.21.16 [PDF] To Sign Petition, Donate to Remediation Project (wtsenates.info/nexxus/) LIFE RAY is a nonprofit organization developing the technology of John Hutchison for the elimination of radioactive contamination (www.life-ray.org) As founder and President of Rejuv-A-Nation Research & Development, Dennis Watts’ purpose was to understand the roots of consciousness, energy and nutrition as it relates to the body, mind and spirit. His strong belief is that success and enjoyment stems from the maintenance of health and homeostasis in life. Dennis Watts is a consultant and advisor to Clear Water Vision and Nexxus Environmental Corporation. He […]