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Historically, the Shroud of Turin is a 14th Century, roughly 14-foot-long, almost 4-foot-wide piece of preserved linen, on which faint yellowish images of the front and back of a crucified 5-foot, 7-inch male can be seen …. It has been claimed for hundreds of years that this Middle Ages relic is, in fact, none other than the centuries-old burial shroud of “Jesus of Nazareth” — the Risen Christ! But what does modern Science say about the Shroud’s true origins? My guest tonight, Dr. Andrew Silverman, describes not only the latest scientific Shroud analysis — indicating that the crucified images were somehow created by a process, not only unknown in the Middle Ages, but still unknown to 21st Century Science (!) — he then explores the extraordinary human implications of Christianity’s most sacred “crucifixion artifact” — produced by “a completely unknown process” …. Including — “where are we before we are […]