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Richard’s Items 1.First stage landing confirmed on the droneship. Second stage & JCSAT-16 continuing to orbit From Greg Ahrens:     Here are the ritual alignments from Sunday morning launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 and JCSAT-16 and recovery landing of first stage, the sixth successful landing and fourth successful landing on a drone ship. SpaceX Launch of Falcon 9 and JCSAT-16, Sunday 14 August 2016   Alignments:   1:26 AM EDT 14 August 2016,  Cape Canaveral, Florida Moon plus 19*33’50” (19.5 degrees) above SW horizon. Successful landing of first stage on drone ship off shore   1:46 AM EDT 14 August 2016 Saturn plus 0*23’02” (Zero degrees ON the Western horizon) Mercury minus 51*24’24” below NW horizon (Approximately the side-slope angle of the Great Pyramid at Giza.)   Above obsevations from Titusville, Florida.   2. Elvis fans make pilgrimage to his gravesite at Graceland     Ed’s Items       […]