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Richard’s Items 1. ‘Superstealth’ USS Zumwalt to join the navy -with Captain Kirk at helm             2. Watch NASA Launch a Mission to Return an Asteroid Sample to Earth!                   3. CNN Fires ‘Dr. Drew’ for Doing Right on Hillary’s Health               4. BANK OF AMERICA: There’s a 20%-50% chance we’re inside the matrix and reality is just a simulation               Gene’s Items                 4. Comedienne Carol Burnett teams up with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman to give us a hilarious take on how airlines can afford to give discounted fares. www.comedywritersroom.com Gene Perret has been a comedy writer since the early 1960’s working for comedians such as Slappy White and Phyllis Diller.  He’s been a television comedy writer and producer since 1968.  […]