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        Tonight my guest, Gordon White, and I are going to tackle the sticky subject of–   Panspermia.   The deliberate “seeding” of biological life amid the stars ….   The recent, remarkable fly-by of the interstellar mystery object “‘Oumuamua” — and all the hype surrounding it, including a sudden “mainstream listening effort” — to see if it is actually some kind of “advance probe” from another civilization in a distant solar system — has once again raised anticipation that Humanity is on the verge of … “something” … game changing.   But–   Will we recognize real “aliens” when we see them?   Tune-in for some remarkable new developments in virology … organic chemistry … and basic human genetics … that is changing how we even view possible life across the stars–   And how many Earthly myths — in cultures spanning the diversity from ancient Egypt to […]

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  Richard’s Itmes 1. His Tone Dark, Donald Trump Takes G.O.P. Mantle 2.   3.     4. Horns symbol at 1.50…   Anniversary of The Viking Mission To Mars With RCH And The Imaging Team – 7-20-2016 Gordon’s Items                                                                                                       The overriding mission of his work is an attempt to cohere an evidence-based western magical worldview that combines history, paranormal research, the best available scientific research and ufology. LINKS:  runesoup.com https://www.facebook.com/runesoup/ https://twitter.com/gordon_white Australian by birth, Gordon White’s family has strong connections to the wider South Pacific thanks to his grandfather’s experience in colonial administration in Nauru and New Guinea. He […]