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Richard’s Items: 1-  In a first, a large object has been observed entering the solar system.   2-  Interstellar-Tabby-separation-15-degrees   3- JFK assassination: Trump to allow release of classified documents 4-  Full Bizarre, Demonic Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony, Satanic, New World Order, Illuminati Ritual Christopher Knowles ‘s Items: 1-   Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Tried to Buy Illuminating Tracer Rounds Before Massacre 2- Project Loon cleared to help restore wireless in Puerto Rico 3- Elon Musk’s tweets about a solar rescue plan spark interest from Puerto Rico Christopher Loring Knowle’s Items: 1- 2- Exact spot of shooting target 3- Mars Sphinx 4-  Mars becomes headline in brother’s story- who the hell talks like that? Eric Paddock also said, “The bug in ‘Men In Black’ put on a Steve suit and went and did this.”- Eric Paddock, CBS News Interview. “It’s like an asteroid just fell on top of our family.” “Who on this planet is grasping more […]

Richard’s Items 1. China urges calm after North Korea ‘shocks the world’ with nuclear test           2. Government asks for pause in construction of part of North Dakota pipeline amid protests           3. SpaceX is investigating a mysterious ‘bang sound’ just seconds before its rocket exploded               4. Two years after tragedy, Virgin Galactic has finally launched another space shuttle           5. Larry King: Trump camp’s explanation for Russian TV interview ‘stretches it’           6. 7. Mission to asteroid a ‘go’ for Thursday launch                   8. NASA’s EM Drive Passes Peer Review, But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up – Universe Today               Greg’s Items Explosion of SpaceX Dragon-9 Rocket I checked the alignments for the time of the explosion (9:07 AM […]

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Ninth planet may have been discovered!

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Comedian Garry Shandling dead at 66 [News] Moons of Saturn May Be Younger Than the Dinosaurs [News] Argentine President Mauricio Macri is seeing President Barack Obama off as he prepares to return to Washington Clinton trip to Bariloche 1997 Updates on Agentina trip from AP Argentine article about planning for the Presidential visit to Bariloche Presidential Toasts Buenos Aires 2016 Eisenhower in Bariloche 1960 9.  10.  11. 12.  13.  Jimmy Carter vacaciona en Bariloche Greg Ahrens Greg Ahrens is an Associate of ENTERPRISE MISSION, having collaborated with Richard C. Hoagland on several papers beginning with an investigation of the Norway Spiral in 2009. “I became interested in Space at an early age, and watched the early Project Mercury launches on TV in grade school. My youngest brother was born on the same day as John Glenn’s first American orbital flight. My father was a mathematician and systems analyst for a major aerospace […]