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 A Celebration of the Life of Art Bell Art Bell is a radio legend …. Tonight my long-time friend, British broadcaster Howard Hughes and I, are going to talk about the impact Art had on our respective lives … as well as his remarkable influence on the accelerating changes we are seeing across the field of broadcasting. You have heard me many times refer to “the other side of midnight” as that time when “the ‘impossible things’ we normally ignore and hurry by in daylight, we often pause to take a second look … between the dusk and dawn.” Tonight, we’re going to examine the trans-formative role that our friend Art played in causing millions around the world, in the last several decades to “take that second look” …. Richard C. Hoagland   SHOW ITEMS Richard’s Items: 1- First Lady, Barbara Bush, visits the Briefing Room of the “USS Dunbar” on Capitol Hill […]