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Fast links to Items:  Richard  – Susan & Jeane Fast links to Bios: Susan & Jeane Do you wonder about our future? How we can break free of greedy energy corporations and underlying political agendas that keep us enslaved? Tonight, with our guests, Susan Manewich and Jeane Manning, we’ll explore non-conventional clean energy inventions that have tiny footprints yet out-perform all alternatives. The future of energy consumption with low-cost electrical power sourced by working in harmony with nature, yet not dependent on sunshine or wind. Based on decades of research by two insiders in our fascinating international scene, their new book, Hidden Energy: Tesla-inspired Inventors and a Mindful Path to Energy Abundance reveals what is possible.  Susan Manewich and Jeane Manning interviewed many of the scientists and engineers from the Energy Science and Technology Conferences in Idaho, as well as at meetings in other countries. This quest led them to insights on […]