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  My guest tonight, John Hogue, is a recognized prophecy expert — and author of 48 books worldwide, printed in 21 languages.  John will take us through the controversial 16th century prophecies of Nostradamus “in the clear,” about a possible war with Iran — waged by the West — that could be the catalyst of World War III … if these warnings aren’t addressed, faced and understood, so that this “very bad future” can be avoided. No destiny is written in stone, Nostradamus believed (and proved, by his “history of the future” — that takes us from the year 1555 AD all the way to 3797 AD and beyond”), even hinting at humanity’s next step  … becoming a true “extraterrestrial civilization.”  In three hours tonight, we will take a journey through a potentially dreadful future of “a war with Iran” — with locations named and battles described — that could […]