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In Memory of Jordan Maxwell, this is our last interview with Jordan. His legacy inspired truth seekers around the world. His inquisitive mind unearthed the hidden forces that have ruled this planet. When we last talked with him, he was in a care facility and not feeling well. He was spiritually alert and expressed to us that he felt his time was short and he was ready to go.  We will surely miss you, Jordan. May you Rest in Peace. TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Jordan – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta Fast links to Bios:  Jordan – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta – Keith Donations gratefully accepted 100% of your support helps to keep “The Other Side of the News” independent! GIVE TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW . MULTIPLE WAYS TO HEAR THE SHOW WATCH SHOW ON RUMBLE  https://rumble.com/vynlga-jordanmaxwell-legacyofthegods-tosn-65-07.10.2021.html LISTEN ON BLOGTALK XXXXX Listen on […]

While Richard is recovering from the Flu we are offering this Classic. “In the Beginning ….” How often have we read that simple elegance … never suspecting that in the NEXT phrase– “And the Earth was without form ….” There could be “encoded” a time-jump far more profound than the millions of years Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke captured in that amazing “jump-cut-scene” in “2001” — the dramatic shift from the “soaring Pleistocene femur” … to the eerily companioned “21st-century orbiting nuclear weapons” scene? What if … “Genesis 2” is describing, NOT “the creation of the Earth?” But– Its almost total, subsequent DESTRUCTION — in some kind of “Vast Cosmic Catastrophe ” … or … “a Great Cosmic War!” That came LONG after …. And then … the slow, painful, millions-of-years of painstaking Restoration– For a subsequent “Humanity?” Join me — and my Special Guest tonight, Jordan Maxwell — […]