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CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON RUMBLE https://rumble.com/v1pjcgt-dr.-joseph-buchman-mirage-in-the-desert-tosn-114-10.24.2022.html CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON BLOGTALKRADIO Guest Page Fast links to Items: Joe  – TOSN –  TOSN Telegram Fast links to Bios: Joe  – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta – Keith Help Keep “The Other Side of the News” on the Air! Your Contributions are Appreciated. In the battle for our souls, the Creatives around the world are forming pockets of Counter-Culture. Transhumanism is spreading its tentacles, but Robots are no match for human creativity and innovation. Artists, Musicians and Dancers gather at Burning Man to defy the ‘little boxes’ of our current sterile depleted culture…Dark Endeavors to enslave us. The Mystery continues with questions of the enigmas appearing over the deserts around the world. Join us for a lively discussion with Dr. Joseph Buchman as he shares his personal experience of this magnetic Counter-Culture. Guest Page Fast links to Items: Joe  – […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard – David Fast links to Bios: Stephan – Joseph – David   Support The Other Side of Midnight! We’re watching an accelerating Revolution …. While the “real” world obsesses about the latest “Omicron” variant of Covid-19, the political cost of rising post-pandemic inflation, China’s sharpening intentions re Taiwan … the Real Reality of “imminent cosmic intercession in The Nursery” relentlessly moves on …. Last night, we sent a dual frequency, Hyperdimensionally-coded radio message toward the first Interstellar Visitor acknowledged by mainstream science to have ever visited the solar system … a receding, tumbling, pencil-shaped object in the dark, now billions of miles away … dubbed by NASA “‘Oumuamua” — the Scout. And immediately … began receiving MULTIPLE “ET replies”…. While, in Washington, the Pentagon moves to side-step a suddenly concerned Congress, attempting to attach a publicly accountable “UFO Investigation Office” to the next Department of […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard – Ron Fast links to Bios:  Scatch – Joseph – Andrew – Ron – Keith   Support The Other Side of Midnight! A few days ago, William Shatner — aka “Captain James T. Kirk” — took an 11-minute, life-changing rocket ride into outer space … How do we know it was “life-changing?” Because Bill has said so — repeatedly … on every network television show and podcast that would listen over the past week! Thus, successfully concluding an argument I began with Gene Roddenberry over a half-century ago …. That, somehow, Gene should deliberately bring “the mythical Star Trek Universe,” and the “reality of Americans one day inheriting the solar system” TOGETHER … even as the Enterprise was “boldly going where no television show had ever gone before ….” That — if done correctly — this could be the literal 20th Century Beginnings of […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard Fast links to Bios:  Joseph  –  Stephen “Ripped from Today’s Headlines!” That could be an appropriate 1950’s alternate title for our show tonight — as I have both Steve Bassett and Dr. Joseph Buchman on for the evening, two seasoned “Disclosure veterans” to brainstorm (among other things …) the amazing “transition” that the once all-but-taboo subject of “UFOs” has undergone, in accelerating numbers of mainstream media and press, in just the last few weeks. The Washington Post (!) — that bastion of political conservatism and news coverage in Washington DC — featured a MAJOR, totally “straight” story just a couple days ago — written by the paper’s White House Bureau Chief herself, Ashley Parker! The story briefly covered not only the turgid ~70-plus-year-modern history of “UFOs” (renamed by the current Pentagon “UAPs — Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon”), but gave the (literal!) last word to “our own” […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard – Stephen – Joe – Don Fast links to Bios:  Stephen – Joe – Don  What do “UFOs” and an “extreme polar vortex” have in common (and, no, this is NOT a “trick question”)? Answer: Hyperdimensional Physics and Technology. One (the “vortex”) is either a) the result of a sudden “torsion disequilbrium” in Earth’s normal planetary physics,  causing a mass of ultra-frigid polar air to suddenly flow southward across the continental United States, or b) the “planetry engineering” result of “someone” DELIBERATELY sending such a frigid mass to “attack” the United States from the north pole at our weakest point …. So, what do “UFO’s” have to do with any of this? “UFO’s” obviously operate on totally different physics and engineering principles from the “primitive” energy generation and rocket-based technologies currently “allowed” on planet Earth. With the official “declassification” of the existence of such […]