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Richard’s Items: 1. The Black Hole Within Donald Trump 2. New Physics Beyond The Higgs 3. Brock Turner In Stanford Sexual Assault Case Scheduled For Early Release In 3 Months 4. Here’s Why Elon Musk Had A Secret Meeting At The Pentagon   Marty’s Items: 1. Conference in Las Vegas & Webinar     2.     3. Sisters Bending Spoons     4. Advice For Life www.appliedprecog.com/ , Connections Through Time Marty Rosenblatt has a M.S. in Physics from UCLA. He began his technical career in 1963 working for a computational physics company called Shock Hydrodynamics, Inc.  He left, with three other individuals, to form California Research and Technology, Inc. in 1972. He worked for 35 years in areas of high energy physics using computational techniques. He is currently the writer/editor of the online magazine, “Connections Through Time” and the President and COO of the Applied Precognition Project (APP) which he founded in 1998 to apply Remote Viewing to predicting […]