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Richard’s Items 1. Maybe We Can’t Find Space Aliens Because They Got Snuffed Out             2. Trump Supporters Tweet #RepealThe19th After Poll Shows He’d Win If Only Men Voted             3. US strikes hit 3 radar sites in Yemen, Pentagon says           4. Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf is out           5. Can the U.S. Really Get Astronauts to Mars by 2030?             6. Wikileaks and the Unfolding John Podesta UFO Story             Paris’ Items                                                                                           Paris Tosen http://www.stelan.ca/ Paris Tosen is a digital […]

Richard’s Items: 1. What pivot? Donald Trump Revives ‘Pocahontas’ Attacks On Elizabeth Warren 2. Trump Says Those Who Don’t Support Him Should Be Barred From Office 3. Supercavitation Could Let Submarines Move Really Fast 4. Frontman Farage Deserted By Brexit Bandmates?   Paris’ Items: 6 . Procyon-B Star Woman captured in 1982 (1:22) 7. Tosen writes alien script (2012) (6:46) 8. Video clip – Stelan children (2:27) 9. Video clip – Some cultures migrated to Earth (1:34) 10. Video – Will the fake ETs please stand up? (15:00)   Paris Tosen, Canadian author, rogue researcher, and Stelan activist was visited by three interdimensional Elves in 2005 in Vancouver, British Columbia, and his life has never been the same. The visit awakened him to the abundance of interstellar (Stelan) and interdimensional (Elven) cultures on planet, in planet, and off planet. He also learned that he has had a very strong relationship with these […]