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Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer: https://youtu.be/G7rLvWy8Ih0       What if there was an existing Physics and Technology which would make possible–   Inexhaustible, pollution-less inexpensive energy?   Vertical, true “anti-gravity” terrestrial and space propulsion?   Unlimited travel — throughout the solar system, if not the Universe as a result — and, in a human lifetime?   The ability to end ALL diseases on Earth — both in animals … and humans — without “Big Pharma?”   The ability to create unlimited food — in any shape, taste or texture  … AND with NO negative environmental effects on Planet Earth … AND no further need to kill a single animal?   A true and inexpensive means of extending the lifespan of all current humans … possibly, by a hundreds or even a thousands of times our current lifespans?   Science fiction … the ravings of a madman?   […]

Richard’s Item: 1- Planets traveling in a Spiral   Randy Powell’s Items:   1- 10 min Ted Talk:     2-     3-     4-     5- Torus Skin   Click to Enlarge     6-  1.5 min       7-       8-       9-    Click to Enlarge       10- Global BEM Conference   GlobalBEM     11-       12-   Randy Powell Randy Powell is the Senior Researcher and Quality Control Engineer for the Vortex Based Mathematics Project.  His work in this field has led to the first accurate two,  three, and four/omni dimensional models of the Rodin Torus.  All of these had led to major developments in the approach to realizing these mathematics in real technologies.