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Richard’s Items Robotic Comet Lander Philae Says Good-Bye [News] China Just Released True Color HD Photos Of The Moon [News] Stanton’s Items Open Challenge to the History Channel The Bob Lazar Fraud UFO Propulsion Systems Part 1 The Aztec Incident Stanton’s Books Website: StantonFriedman.com Nuclear Physicist-Lecturer Stanton T. Friedman received his BSc. and MSc. Degrees in physics from the University of Chicago in 1955 and 1956. He was employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist by such companies as GE, GM, Westinghouse, TRW Systems, Aerojet General Nucleonics, and McDonnell Douglas working in such highly advanced, classified, eventually cancelled programs as nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and various compact nuclear power plants for space and terrestrial applications. He became interested in UFOs in 1958, and since 1967 has lectured about them at more than 600 colleges and 100 professional groups in 50 U.S. states, 10 Canadian provinces and 18 other countries in […]