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CENSORED BOOK BY DR. VERNON COLEMAN Proof_That_Masks_Do_More_Harm_Than_Good.PDF -+- Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Tanya – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta Fast links to Bios:  Tanya –  Darlene – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta Show Items . Tanya’s Items: 1- Covid 19 – government corruption. Tanya wrote the following report near the onset of the lockdowns in an effort to reveal the facts… https://action4canada.com/government-corruption-colluding-with-a-foreign-syndicate/   2- Legal Action – Interview with Rebel News as well as video from the Sept.13th event announcing Action4Canada’s decision to commence legal action against the BC government in response to the extreme response to so called…Covid 19. There was a heartwarming, unexpected, outpouring of generosity from the crowd of donations. We raised nearly $14,000. https://action4canada.com/legal-action/#   2- Message to businesses from our top constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati. https://action4canada.com/business/   3- Boots on the ground volunteer business campaign. https://action4canada.com/business-campaign/   4- Vancouver District Labour Council, David […]