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9/30/2017 Professor Larry Molnar – “Predicting The Death Of Two Suns ….” / Dr. Joseph Buchman

The Calvin College observatory:http://www.calvin.edu/academic/phys/observatory/

Professor Larry Molnar is a professional astronomer with an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and a doctorate from Harvard University.  He taught for ten years at the University of Iowa and has been teaching at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, since 1998.  His principal research is on the life cycles of binary star systems, although his interests are wide ranging, including asteroid dynamics and the rings of Saturn.  As director of the Calvin observatory he oversaw the installation in 2003 of two robotic telescopes: one on campus in Grand Rapids and a second in the clear skies of northwest New Mexico.  Among other things, Molnar and his students have used these telescopes to discover over 180 asteroids and over 100 variable stars.

9/23/2017 Joseph P. Farrell – “The Post-WWII Origins Of The Post-Nazi ‘Breakaway Civilization’ — And Their Impact NOW ….”

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history, science, and “strange stuff”. Raised in South Dakota, he has had a wide range of jobs and is currently a full-time author and researcher. His many books include: The Giza Death Star Trilogy; Reich of the Black Sun; The SS Brotherhood of the Bell; Nazi International; Secrets of the Unified Field; Roswell and Reich; The Cosmic War; Grid of the Gods; Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops; Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations; Thrice Great Hermetica and the Janus Age; The Third Way; Transhumanism and others. His latest book, “Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery” blows the lid off not only the mainstream media’s consensus view that 9/11 was perpetrated by a terrorist network but even alternative views suggesting there were two levels to the attack – Farrell says that there were at least three: the twin towers were downed by the force of an exotic energy weapon, one similar to the Tesla energy weapon suggested by Dr. Judy Wood, and also ties together the tangled web of missing money, secret technology, and involvement of portions of the Saudi royal family. Farrell unravels the many layers behind the 9-11 attack, layers that include the Deutschebank, the Bush family, the German industrialist Carl Duisberg, Saudi Arabian princes and the energy weapons developed by Nikola Tesla before WWII. It is Farrell at his best―uncovering the massive financial fraud, special operations, and hidden technology of the breakaway civilization.

9/17/2017 John Francis, Robert Stanley, Robert Morningstar – “Is The US Navy Under Secret Attack?”

John R. Francis is a retired college mathematics professor who specialized in statistics and experimental design. He also has degrees in physics and psychology. In the early 1970’s he served in the Pacific Seventh Fleet as a U.S. Naval Officer aboard a guided missile destroyer.

In 1975 he had a profound near-death experience that permanently expanded his mind out of its previous limited, rational boundaries. He now views life as a highly purposeful and multidimensional, evolutionary expression of one universal consciousness.

His areas of metaphysical expertise include sacred geometry, spiritual self-defense and heart-centered meditation. Furthermore, he has deciphered numerical codes that unlock the deepest secrets of key religious scriptures.  John is the author of “The Mystic Way of Radiant Love.”  https://www.centerforworldnetworking.org/newsletter/1610.pdf


9/10/2017  Gary Parker – “Restoring The Great Pyramid To Its Former Functionality And Glory: A Project To Reunite Humanity ….”

After a compelling dream, Gary Parker sets out on the journey of his lifetime…to Restore the GREAT PYRAMID and SPHINX ! In this interview Gary will discuss how the revelation in a NASA photo leads to the discovery of an Alien Message and how that ties in with the Great Pyramid. His Hollywood background and connections to Richard Branson/ Elon Musk/ Gwenn Shotwell / Space X, all play a part in this unfolding mystery.
An Alien visitation on JULY 26th  2016 changed everything. The being spoke telepathically. All answers are in the NASA photo. …..and this is where his story begins…. ALIENS return July 26th 2022, Jerusalem, TEMPLE MOUNT.

This show explores the unusual patterns of Hurricane Irma and other disasters all bombarding at the same time. Guests: Weather Wars – Elana Freeland, Billy Hayes, Robert Morningstar, Keith Laney, Kelly Em & Andrew Currie discuss the strange occurances as related to Haarp technology and what they might mean.

Dr. Carmen Boulter – Pyramids-Ancient ‘Torsion-Technology’ MACHINES – 9-3-2017

 Websites: Interactive UPyramidCode.com,
Pyramid Code Facebook,  New Atlantis Movie Facebook

Dr Carmen Boulter is Director, Producer, and Writer of The Pyramid Code, an epic 5-episode documentary series that has aired on national TV in 38 countries and is on Netflix in 8 regions. Carmen is a retired Professor from the Graduate Division of Educational Research at the University of Calgary. She taught at a Chienkuo Technology University in Taiwan for 4 years. She was Director of the Women’s Therapy and Research Center in Calgary, Canada for 10 years. Carmen has been involved in all aspects of the vision and development of Interactive-U.com, an Online Learning and Social Action Network. Carmen is the author of the ground-breaking book Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness.Carmen has traveled to 60 different countries to conduct her research including Egypt  where she has been 30 times. She is working on an exciting new 5-part documentary series called The New Atlantis filmed in 14 countries. Dr Carmen is on the International Advisory Council for the Bosnian Pyramid Project. She is also on the Board of the newly-formed Atlantis Foundation.