On Friday, January 25, Roger Stone — ~40-year friend and political confidante of the President of the United States — was arrested in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, as part of the on-going Mueller Investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election.  Because of the unique nature of our pre-election interview, and its key relevance to these latest political developments, we have decided to re-run our remarkable conversation with Roger Stone, from October, 2016.


Enjoy ….


                                                                                                                                                                                        Richard C. Hoagland 

Richard’s Items

1.  2016 Campaign Hits a New Low in Debate









2.  The latest October surprise: Trump pivots and saves his candidacy at second debate







3. Latest Wikileaks Dump Shows Tom DeLonge Emailing Clinton Campaign Chair About UFOs








4. Highlights From the Clinton Campaign Emails: How to Deal With Sanders and Biden








5. Trump Leads His Base Into Battle as GOP Civil War Breaks Out








Roger’s Items

1. Dear Hillary: DNC Hack Solved, So Now Stop Blaming Russia









2. Roger Stone: More ‘vile’ Clinton info coming








2. President Nixon and Stone

3. President Nixon and Stone


4. President Nixon tattoo

2. Paul-Manafort-Roger-Stone-center-and-Lee-Atwater-in-1985

5. Paul-Manafort-Roger-Stone-center-and-Lee-Atwater-in-1985

5. Trump-Stone-campaign-Harlow

6. Trump-Stone-campaign

6. Donald-Trump-and-Roger-Stone

7. Donald-Trump-and-Roger-Stone

2. Lyndon B. Johnson wanted poster

8. Lyndon B. Johnson wanted poster

3. Roger Stone and Ronald Reagan on Air Force 1

9. Roger Stone and President Ronald Reagan on Air Force 1

3. Roger Stone and George Bush Sr.

10. Roger Stone and President George Bush Sr.












Roger Stone


Roger Stone (@RogerJStoneJr) | Twitter





Roger Stone is a seasoned political operative and pundit. A veteran of nine national presidential campaigns, he served as a senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents. An outspoken libertarian, he is the author of the New York Times bestseller “The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ” and has written for Fox Opinion, Breitbart News, StoneZone.com, the Daily Caller and the Op-Ed page of the New York Times. A well-known voice in politics for over forty years, Roger Stone often gives insights on behind-the-scenes political agendas on Fox News and Infowars and has been banned by CNN and MSNBC for his outspoken and politically incorrect criticism of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Follow him at StoneColdTruth.com.






















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A Double-Header … Richard Spence and “The Helsinki Trump/Putin Summit” the last hour … on Tonight’s (Saturday, Aug 25) “The Other Side of Midnight” Show!


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2018/07/22 – Dr. Richard B. Spence – The Trump/Putin Helsinki Meeting: The Unknown Story ….


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  1. Stoger Ronr says:

    my only help is google

  2. Stoger Ronr says:

    Rachel Maddow Explains “The Money Man” Behind Both Breitbart News And The Trump Campaign
    Billionaire Robert Mercer Funded Both Breitbart And A Pro-Trump Super PAC
    RACHEL MADDOW (HOST): Before becoming Donald Trump’s new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway ran a Super PAC she ran one of the SuperPACs that supported Ted Cruz in the primary. You might remember in the Republican primary this year there were a whole bunch of different SuperPACs that supported Ted Cruz. They were all called some variation of Keep The Promise. She ran the group that was called Keep The Promise 1. They ran millions of dollars in anti-Donald Trump ads, incidentally, which is kind of ironic given what her job is now.

    But more important than that, she ran this Keep The Promise PAC. She ran the iteration of all the Ted Cruz supporting PACs, she ran the one that was almost entirely funded by a single donor. All the money in that PAC basically came from one source. It came from New York City hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer. He gave the money, Kellyanne Conway ran that PAC. Robert Mercer and Kellyanne Conway, they supported Ted Cruz in the primary, not Donald Trump, but once Trump won, once Cruz dropped out, that mega-donor Robert Mercer and Kellyanne Conway, they decided to switch horses, they decided to keep working together. She stayed in charge of the PAC. They changed its name. They started running anti-Clinton ads to help Trump instead of anti-Trump ads to help Cruz. But as a multi-million dollar donor to that effort — we’ve talked about here on this show, Robert Mercer, this hedge fund billionaire appears to have become the single largest funder now of the effort to elect Donald Trump for president.

    Robert Mercer is also reportedly the single largest funder of Breitbart.com. And so this one guy, Robert Mercer, the money man, right? He ends up being sort of the missing link. He ends up being the thing that explains, I think, in a lot of ways, why the Trump campaign is this strange thing that it is now. When the Trump campaign decided to fire the last guy in charge, Paul Manafort, and put these new folks in charge, it was an interesting and sort of inexplicable thing that they simultaneously — they didn’t fire Paul Manafort and then pick a new person to replace him. They fired Paul Manafort, but then they brought in two people. They came up with two new job titles. Campaign Manager and Campaign CEO, okay. They brought in two people at once. Kellyanne Conway, who ran Robert Mercer’s Super PAC, she’s a very familiar figure in Republican politics.


    But she didn’t come onto the campaign alone, right? She came on as campaign manager, Donald Trump’s top funder apparently installed her at the top of the Trump campaign, but he also simultaneously, on the same day, at the same time installed this other guy. This guy from Breitbart as the Campaign CEO. Robert Mercer is the money man behind both of these folks, behind Kellyanne Conway and her PAC which started as a Ted Cruz thing and then became a Donald Trump thing. Robert Mercer was the money behind that, Robert Mercer is also the money behind Breitbart.com. He funded them both to the tune of millions of dollars. He is the thing explains why those two otherwise unconnected individuals both came on at the same time, on the same day, to take over the Trump campaign.

  3. Stoger Ronr says:

    Trump Backers Alex Jones And Roger Stone Humiliated Themselves During Their Debate Coverage
    Trump supporter Alex Jones and Trump adviser Roger Stone pushed bizarre conspiracy theories about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s health during Jones’ coverage of the first presidential debate.

    During the live-stream of the debate at Jones’ Infowars.com, Jones and Stone told viewers that Clinton suffered a series of medical incidents before, during, and after the debate, even as the footage of the debate belied their claims.

    Jones, one of the founders of the 9/11 truther movement and America’s leading conspiracy theorist, has been at the forefront of pushing conspiracy theories about Clinton’s health that have spread to conservative media and in some cases been legitimized by mainstream outlets. Stone, a longtime Trump adviser, has claimed that Clinton suffers from amnesia and other serious medical conditions.

    Following the September 26 debate, political observers, focus groups, and scientific polls all concluded that with her confident performance, Clinton won a decisive victory over Republican nominee Donald Trump.

    But Stone, Jones, and other members of the Infowars.com broadcast team claimed that Clinton, suffering from an “advanced form of epilespy,” arrived in a “medical van,” that the debate started several minutes late because Clinton was having a “diaper change,” that Clinton was “hopped up” on “anti-seizure medication” causing her to “barely keep her eyes open” during the debate, and that after the debate Clinton could “barely walk” so she “immediately” left the stage to go on an “oxygen tank.” Infowars’ own live-stream of the debate contradicted these descriptions. For example, instead of leaving “immediately” following the debate, Clinton was seen on the Infowars stream talking and shaking hands on the stage.
    Clinton’s performance in the debate has left Clinton health conspiracy theorists scrambling. The morning after the debate, the Drudge Report published a video titled “HILLARY MORNING AFTER: Both hands on rail…” In the video, a smiling Clinton is seen briefly placing both of her hands on the railing of an airstair before removing her hands to gesture toward a member of the press as she ascends the stairs:

  4. Stoger Ronr says:

    Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should Not Be Ignored

  5. Stoger Ronr says:

    How One Family’s Deep Pockets Helped Reshape Donald Trump’s Campaign

  6. Stoger Ronr says:

    Every Position Donald Trump Has Taken On How He Is Funding His Campaign


  7. Stoger Ronr says:

    Grotesque Trump ally Roger Stone pipes up with yet another ‘Hillary Clinton killed someone’ story


  8. Stoger Ronr says:

    Roger Stone Is Back with New (Old) Clinton Conspiracy Theories


  9. Stoger Ronr says:

    follow the money…
    Hedge-Fund Chief Mercer Considers Appeal to Back Trump Super-PAC

  10. Stoger Ronr says:

    all baloney…

    Russia govnt falsified an email. Then Trump recited the falsified email at a rally. Only those two knew it. How?

  11. Stoger Ronr says:

    Russian gov manipulates email to @johnpodesta. Publishes disinformation. Takes it down. Trump recites false info.


    • john platt says:

      It’s interesting how many tech guys, like George Saab who retweeted this story, take it seriously. Not all the Tech people are even Democrats or Clinton supporters.

  12. Stoger Ronr says:

    no bot here…just a retired blue collar worker that can’t BullS***ed

    Roger…is that Oswald in the doorway?

    Was Sandy Hook a hoax?

    Is the Earth flat?

  13. losing my friggin mind says:

    What a completely cancerous turd for a guest, Hoagie, congrats

    • Stoger Ronr says:

      turd polishing at it’s finest

    • Roger Stone says:

      Funny how the Clinton Trolls at Media Matters for America have infected this comment string with their lies ,distortions, personal invective and horseshit. I am not running for President and the election is not about me. The near hysterical name calling is tedious. The noxious turd David Brock who is money laundering to finance his various Clinton Front groups ,has his army of bots attacking me constantly. I revel in it. It has supercharged the sale of my book The Clintons” War On Women .

    • Roger Stone says:

      Kiss my ass.

      • losing my friggin mind says:

        LOL you are a know-nothing conspiracy theorist loser … If you do find the number to Clinton’s campaign to get me paid for trashing on you, let me know. Would love to make some money for this. But nah, I just think you’re an ass, and so is Hoagie for having you on his show.

        Hoagie used to be good when he spent all his time talking about made-up ancient civilizations, but now he just has loser, racist political conspiracy theorists on his show, probably all approved by his wife, cuz he’s a cuck.

        Clinton campaign or ANYONE related to funding their campaign wouldn’t waste their time on a botnet campaign against you or this nothing show, tbh

        I have had a great time baiting you, hope this pains you into responding

      • Stoger Ronr says:

        can’t stand the truth… 2funny

        • Stoger Ronr says:

          I want in on that money too…Rogie can’t stand the truth
          just another flat earther that never met a conspiracy he wouldn’t embrace

  14. Stoger Ronr says:

    Trump Told Russia To Blame for Hacks Long Before Debate
    During Sunday’s debate, Donald Trump once again said he doesn’t know whether Russia is trying to hack the U.S. election, despite Friday’s statement by the U.S. intelligence community pointing the finger at Putin — and despite the fact that Trump was personally briefed on Russia’s role in the hacks by U.S. officials.

  15. John B says:

    Please ask Roger if Mr Trump’s sniffles are a campaign ploy, a serious health problem or something else.

  16. Stoger Ronr says:

    Campaign tips from the man who has done it all


  17. Stoger Ronr says:

    Trump Ally Roger Stone’s Teleconference Was Full Of Lies And Smears
    Stone is a discredited author and a Republican political operative with a history of racism and sexism. He is an informal adviser to the candidate. He has previously peddled falsehoods about election rigging, 9/11, and the Clinton and Bush families committing murders, including of John F. Kennedy Jr., among other conspiracies. CNN and MSNBC have banned Stone from appearing on air because of his offensive rhetoric and disregard for truth. Even so, the Trump campaign’s recent shift in campaign strategy to focus on the Clintons’ personal affairs indicates it will follow an election strategy laid out by Stone.

  18. Stoger Ronr says:

    Trump’s Bill Clinton Rape Lies Just Fell Apart As Accuser’s Sworn Affidavit Surfaces