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3. ‘Specific info’ forces WikiLeaks to move anticipated announcement to Berlin







4. Sabotage speculation gathers around SpaceX explosion







5. Paranoid people in Silicon Valley have 3 popular theories about how the world will end









6.  Donald Trump quintuples down








7. United States Suspends Contact With Russia Over Syria Impasse








8. Hurricane Matthew: Haiti braces for deadly storm









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  1. TronaldDump says:

    Trump Ally Roger Stone’s Teleconference Was Full Of Lies And Smears
    Stone is a discredited author and a Republican political operative with a history of racism and sexism. He is an informal adviser to the candidate. He has previously peddled falsehoods about election rigging, 9/11, and the Clinton and Bush families committing murders, including of John F. Kennedy Jr., among other conspiracies. CNN and MSNBC have banned Stone from appearing on air because of his offensive rhetoric and disregard for truth. Even so, the Trump campaign’s recent shift in campaign strategy to focus on the Clintons’ personal affairs indicates it will follow an election strategy laid out by Stone.

  2. TronaldDump says:

    Roger Stone GOP Rat fu#% TPM

  3. TronaldDump says:

    Campaign tips from the man who has done it all

  4. TronaldDump says:

    Are you really going to have this idiot on your show?
    Trump Ally Roger Stone’s Scrubbed Tweets: “Stupid Negro,” “Fat Negro,” “Muff-Diver,” “Elitist C*nt,” “DIE BITCH”

  5. Robert Shinolt says:

    Richard what happened Fri. night/ Sat. morning???????

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