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Richard’s Items

  1. Jimmy Carter: Trump tapped a reservoir ‘of inherent racism
  2. What the Kentucky recanvass means for Bernie Sanders
  3. Pennsylvania judge orders Cosby to trial on sexual assault charge
  4. EgyptAir Flight 804: Conflicting reports over final moments
  5. Protesters Throw Rocks at Police Horses Outside Trump Rally in Albuquerque


Leslie’s Items

1.  Building Model 4-5 yrs

Leslie Regier - Radio with Pictures 01 - Building Model 4-5 yrs










2.  Cake 9 yrs

Leslie Regier - Radio with Pictures 02 - Cake 9 yrs Thumb








3. Horseback

Leslie Regier - Radio with Pictures 03 - Horseback










4. Ready for a day in San Francisco with a friend.

Leslie Regier - Radio with Pictures 04 - SF










5. At the Solano Stroll in Albany, Calif.

Leslie Regier - Radio with Pictures 05 - Solano Stroll










6. Ravenna Park

Leslie Regier - Radio with Pictures 06 - Ravenna Park











Leslie Regier - Guest Picture 0038 150x150www.violetangel.net

Leslie Regier is currently an AutoCAD drafter by day and many other things in her personal hours. Among those other things she is an author, avid student of life, music lover, traveler, Trekkie, amateur radio operator, and hobby & craftsperson.  In 2015 she earned her Master of Science in Engineering in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Washington.  She has written articles for a transgender social group’s newsletter and an article for a model ship magazine. In late 2012 she published her first book, Unchaining My Truth: Taking Flight on the Wings of a Dream.  Her book began as an account of a trangsgender journey, and it grew into an account about facing problems, getting through life, reflecting on what it is to be human and an individual, and having fun along the way.

unchaining my truth book


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