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Our Dear Online Family

Thank you once again for your big, caring hearts. You never disappoint and carried Moralla and me and Richard through the last part of Moralla’s physical life with your outpouring of love. We grieve that she is not physically with us and celebrate her amazing life. Thanking you doesn’t begin to express how you comforted our hearts.

Moralla shared so much with me during her last hours. I have never experienced anything like the magic we knew right before she passed. I have many plans for my new projects, in Memory of Moralla, where she will still bring joy and love and hope to many others..

Moralla’s passing was so very peaceful. She knew it was time for her move on. Time to be released from the physical suffering. Time to be free and get to know the big family waiting for her.

I can’t begin to tell you how many lives this precious soul touched My girl warmed hearts, made kids laugh and feel brave, babies gurgled and wanted more time with her, people adored her. So many told me after meeting her, that they wanted to try getting a rescue dog.. Even people afraid of dogs were comforted by her presence and always said, “She is different. I’ve never seen a dog look at me like that. She is so gentle.”

Richard and I are blessed with many memories of our Angel and the good feelings she brought to others. We laugh together as we remember the amazing stories. Being with Moralla was like living in a movie when we were out. Moralla would hold court. She would regally lean back and extend her paw to be held by those who came over to meet her. After all, for Moralla- everyone she met had come out specifically to see her!

Richard and I are so proud of her. So honored to have had 8.5 magical years with her. To have been and still are such proud parents. What a family our girl created with us!

Moralla is beloved by so many..

One night we were all out and had to go to Trader Joe’s and pick up a few things. Everyone there knows Moralla – at both locations in Albuquerque. This was the one we went to most often. They were closing and I had Richard go in while Moralla was with me to park the car.

Richard walked towards us and said we were too late. I told him go back and say you are with Moralla – she’s coming in right away. He did, and was told to please go in, that he should have said he was with Moralla right away!

When I walked in with Moralla the manager and her other friends that worked there, all had to give her hugs and say hello.. Moralla was irresistible. Customers would also fuss over her.

Moralla loved to dance with me. We also chased each other around the house. She would spend evenings on the couch with Richard, snuggling and kissing.

One of the most rewarding experiences we had was howling together. Literally!! Try it. You are stepping into their world. Be prepared for an experience like no other. Put your heart and soul into it and your dog will too.

We had company that brought their wolf one visit. We all howled together – 5 people, Moralla and her new wolf friend! How to describe the richness of the sound and the depth of the emotion?

I knew Tuesday, July 18, 2017 was her last day and told Richard she was ready to move on.. As much as we loved her, it broke our hearts to know that her quality of life was no longer there.

I stayed close to her all day knowing she was ready. Her breathing changed about 7pm. I positioned myself in front of her on the floor and promised my girl that I would not leave her and would stay with her all the way.

I had the supreme honor to stare into her beautiful eyes for 3.5 hours. There aren’t words to describe our experience. Richard was sitting with us most of the time. When he would stroke Moralla’s velvety soft ears, her head would tilt with enjoyment.

She had the sweetest smile on her beautiful face and her breathing came easily, unlabored. Moralla took her time as I told her she should.. I was not going away. I told her that over and over to reassure her. I promised I would be with her till she did not take another breath and that I would hold her through the night. I held her paw and had my arm around her as I looked into those amazing eyes until she took that last breath. Richard was stroking her velvety ears, which she so loved.

Moralla passed at almost 10:30. About 5-10 minutes before, there was lightning and thunder. When she took her last breath, an enormous downpour was released. The Hawaiians believe that Kamaaina spirits/old souls would bring the lightning and thunder and downpours when it was time to welcome one of their kind to return home and leave this life.

Richard carried her into the bedroom to her bed and I slept next to her, all night. I had big pillows on the floor alongside her. Moralla looked incredibly peaceful. I just wanted to stay with her. Sadly, I had to make arrangements for cremation and drive her to the location on Wednesday. Richard and I carried her to the car. I wanted every last minute possible with her. I talked to her and sang to her driving in.

Moralla was on a gurney from the car to the office. She was next to me as I reviewed all the options for her. I was able to hold her paw and spend more time with her. The crematorium is a family owned local business run by people with big, loving hearts. I told them how much I wished I could come back and go to sleep with her.. They laughed and said to bring my own cot.

I spent more time hugging and kissing my beautiful girl, and talking to her. So many precious minutes. Every chance to touch my sweet girl was priceless.

They will let me know when her ashes are ready. I am searching to find the right urn or box, which will be in the bedroom, by the bed, with the others who have passed on.

So with heavy hearts we celebrate the life of this beacon of light and love, angel Moralla. She was a joy to us and everyone who crossed her path. Moralla was an amazing teacher, soother and giver of unconditional love.

Moralla will always live on in our hearts. She is part of my soul. I feel her presence and that of my girl Sasha, who passed 6 months before I got Moralla. Sasha is getting Moralla through the separation.

I have begun to meditate again and see her and my other loved ones every morning. I look forward to being with her and our big family in my dreams.

Please remember – we are blessed to share our lives with these amazing beings. Share is the operative word. You get back what you put in. They will amaze you!! Look deeply in their eyes with love, and you will be rewarded with unexpected wonders. They know us better than anyone else and still love us.

Thank you all for caring, my beloved online family. Your prayers, good wishes and love make such a difference to endure the pain and sorrow. Knowing she is free makes it easier.. Knowing she made the choice when to leave setting herself free of her physical body is a blessing.

Dr. Robin Falkov
Event Horizons Radio







by Andrew Currie

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