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Conversations from the Cutting Edge of Science and Thought  Join Club 19.5 The Most Exclusive Club in the Universe! THIS SATURDAY 2020/02/22 – Mark Carlotto Before Atlantis: New Evidence We Are NOT Humanity’s First “High-Tech” Civilization ….  THIS SUNDAY! 2020/02/23 – Robert Morningstar and mystery guestIs China’s Spiraling “Coronavirus” Epidemic, In Fact, An Escaped Bio-Weapon!?: Richard C. Hoagland’s The Other Side of Midnight – with a volunteer staff of 3 gives the “Big Boys” with large syndicated shows and their paid staff persons of 6-12 … a Run for It!   Richard C. Hoagland was the guest on Don Ecker’s “Dark Matters” Radio Show Click Here to Listen   Save Lives Clean Life-Giving Drinking Water   Announcing our new YouTube Channel! Trump Administration Suddenly Announces Return of American Astronauts to the Moon … Before End of President Trump’s Second Term! Find Out “Why” Here: Click on Image for The Presidential […]

  Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer:   Ultima Thule — the 4-billion-mile-distant-fly-by objective, in the predawn darkness of January 1, 2019, of NASA’s already historic “New Horizons” mission — turns out to be nothing less than–   A ~21-mile-long, incredibly ancient, incredibly-eroded, dumbbell-shaped spaceship!   The Enterprise Imaging Team made that bold prediction, before the fly-by, just last weekend … and it has now come true.   Tonight, we’re gonna prove to you just “how” … and how NASA seems to be trying to “stall” ALL further close-up New Horizons’ imaging releases of this extraordinary artifact … while they “think of something to explain it all away” ….   Or–   While they’re preparing for “the most mind-boggling press conference in the history of NASA”–   When (finally) they are forced by the scientific evidence to admit The Extraordinary Truth.   Join us … as we sort […]

  Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer:   Is NASA about to unveil — and on live television — another “artificial world?!”   A little over 48 hours from tonight, at 12:33 AM EST January 1, 2019 — just after the Ball drops above Times Square, signaling the Ritual Beginning of another planetary trek around the Sun — NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will hurtle past an interplanetary ~19.5-mile-wide “speck,” lost in the darkness 4 billion miles from the center of the solar system, a speck called hauntingly by NASA–   “Ultima Thule.”   Already, in New Horizons’ cameras, this “farthest object ever visited by Man” (according to NASA’s enthusiastic press release) is revealing a remarkable “anomaly” — never seen in any other natural object in the solar system.   Ultima Thula does NOT appear to be rotating!   Which, of course, is impossible ….   Unless–   Ultima […]

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RETURN TO MAIN SHOW PAGE  CLICK HERE TO GO TO IMAGES FROM KEITH MORGAN, ANDREW CURRIE and ROBERT MORNINGSTAR CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE Richard’s Images:   1- VMC-Arsia-Mons-Nov12-horizon-2X-enhanced     2- VMC-Nov24-Arsia-Mons-2X–enhaced     3- InSight-instruments-artist-concept-PIA17358-annotated     4-InSight-Sol4-No-cover-2X-enhanced     5-INSIGHT-Sol4-no-cover-2X-artifact-enhanced     6-INSIGHT-First-Deck-Image-4X-Ron-RCH=composite-enhanced2     7-INSIGHT-First-Deck-Image-4X-Ron-RCH=composite-enhanced2- close-up-landing-site-geometry     8-INSIGHT-First-Deck-Image-4X-Ron-RCH=composite-enhanced-close-up-site2     9-InSight-Hiroshima-Comp     10-Cube-Ryugu-Comp     11-Cube-Ryugu-Comp2     12-Bennu-Ryugu-comp     13-Bennu-skyscraper&buildings     14-Bennu-Skyscraper&buildings-CL   RETURN TO MAIN SHOW PAGE  CLICK HERE TO GO TO IMAGES FROM KEITH MORGAN, ANDREW CURRIE and ROBERT MORNINGSTAR  

Tonight, we will explore NASA’s latest unmanned mission to Mars — ironically, named “InSight” — as well as NASA’s planned landing tomorrow (Monday — December 3) of its Osiris-Rex unmanned spacecraft on the tiny asteroid, “Bennu.” Last Monday (Nov 26) the InSight spacecraft successfully touched down on one of the “flattest, safest and dullest places on Mars” (as described by one of our Imaging Team members) … in order to drill beneath the Martian surface for the first time (to measure any ancient heat flow still coming from the core of Mars …), and to place the first planetary seismometer directly on Mars’ surface (to measure any “Marsquakes” triggered by that deep internal heat). In actuality,  InSight seems to have landed in the middle of (wait for it)– An ancient Martian city! And Osiris-Rex appears to have rendezvoused NOT with any ordinary “asteroid” … but with an ancient, highly-eroded version […]