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Tonight, we will explore NASA’s latest unmanned mission to Mars — ironically, named “InSight” — as well as NASA’s planned landing tomorrow (Monday — December 3) of its Osiris-Rex unmanned spacecraft on the tiny asteroid, “Bennu.” Last Monday (Nov 26) the InSight spacecraft successfully touched down on one of the “flattest, safest and dullest places on Mars” (as described by one of our Imaging Team members) … in order to drill beneath the Martian surface for the first time (to measure any ancient heat flow still coming from the core of Mars …), and to place the first planetary seismometer directly on Mars’ surface (to measure any “Marsquakes” triggered by that deep internal heat). In actuality,  InSight seems to have landed in the middle of (wait for it)– An ancient Martian city! And Osiris-Rex appears to have rendezvoused NOT with any ordinary “asteroid” … but with an ancient, highly-eroded version […]

  A Russian rocket, normally the most reliable in all the world, almost kills its Russian/American crew on what should have been “a routine Soyuz launch to the International Space Station.” This, happening just weeks after crewman on the ISS discover an inexplicable “deliberately drilled hole” in their docked Soyuz spacecraft — swiftly attributed by the Russian space agency to “sabotage!“ The Russians open criminal investigations into both incidents — indefinitely grounding all further Soyuz flights to ISS — effectively shutting off all human access to Earth orbit! Meanwhile …. The First Lady of the United States deliberately poses in front of the Sphinx, wearing a suit identical to that worn by the infamous Nazi-archaeologist in “Raiders of the Lost Ark!” An “ancient archaeological ‘message?’” Then, an otherwise normal Cat 1 hurricane off Cuba, suddenly spins up to essentially a Cat 5 — devastating major portions of the Southern United States, in […]

Tonight’s show is an unabashedly nostalgic journey “back through time” — asking the crucial 21st Century question: “How did the whole ‘UFO Phenomenon’ actually begin?” My guest tonight — veteran UFO researcher, Gordon Lore — unfolds a personal, fascinating and highly detailed look-back at the Golden Age of “flying saucers” and UFOs, even as this unique cultural, political and scientific world-wide phenomenon was rapidly unfolding … over a half- century ago. Gordon watched all of it … participated in most of it … and shaped key parts of this remarkable UFO History … at an historically important time, from the Nation’s Capitol itself; as a young official of “NICAP” (the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena), he had the incredible good fortune to be working — at the height of the Golden Age of UFOs — from the literal “center of the Storm” … right beside other “flying saucer” pioneers, with names […]

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RETURN TO MAIN SHOW PAGE   Tim Saunders’ Items: Photos courtesy SpaceX 1-  SpaceX’s BFR / Dear Moon Project       2-     3-     4-     5- Click to Enlarge     6-     7-     8-     9-     10-     11-     12-     13-     14-           15-     16     Andrew Curries’s Items:   1-     2-     3-     4-     5-     6-     NOTE: CLICK HERE FOR TRUE COLORS OF THE MOON Robert Morningstar & Alan Bean Paintings   RETURN TO MAIN SHOW PAGE

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Robert Morningstar’s Items: True Colors of the Moon Part I 1- True colors of the moon Original LRO True Color Photo From NASA (Enhanced & sharpened by Robert Morningstar with No changes of color, hues or saturation) 2- True Colors of the Moon Part II Thanks to SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 BY DAN MAJAESS A Splash of Color Across the Supermoon A software engineer from Florida recently captured an image of the day-old supermoon in September that clearly conveys color variations across its surface.  Such variations are often imperceptible, but the brightness and color differences were digitally enhanced to make them easier to discern.    The color variations are indicative of compositional differences across the Lunar surface (e.g., iron content and impact ejecta). A stunning new photo taken from Florida at the time of the recent Super Moon shows the True Colors of the Moon which in this instance have been raised in saturation levels, to accentuate the colors.. The hues of the photo were not […]