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RETURN TO MAIN SHOW PAGE   Tim Saunders’ Items: Photos courtesy SpaceX 1-  SpaceX’s BFR / Dear Moon Project       2-     3-     4-     5- Click to Enlarge     6-     7-     8-     9-     10-     11-     12-     13-     14-           15-     16     Andrew Curries’s Items:   1-     2-     3-     4-     5-     6-     NOTE: CLICK HERE FOR TRUE COLORS OF THE MOON Robert Morningstar & Alan Bean Paintings   RETURN TO MAIN SHOW PAGE

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Robert Morningstar’s Items: True Colors of the Moon Part I 1- True colors of the moon Original LRO True Color Photo From NASA (Enhanced & sharpened by Robert Morningstar with No changes of color, hues or saturation) 2- True Colors of the Moon Part II Thanks to SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 BY DAN MAJAESS A Splash of Color Across the Supermoon A software engineer from Florida recently captured an image of the day-old supermoon in September that clearly conveys color variations across its surface.  Such variations are often imperceptible, but the brightness and color differences were digitally enhanced to make them easier to discern.    The color variations are indicative of compositional differences across the Lunar surface (e.g., iron content and impact ejecta). A stunning new photo taken from Florida at the time of the recent Super Moon shows the True Colors of the Moon which in this instance have been raised in saturation levels, to accentuate the colors.. The hues of the photo were not […]

Looking back, this week could mark the beginning of the civilian “Second Age of Space.” Last Monday night (September 17), billionaires Elon Musk and Yusaku Maezawa, held a major press conference at Musk’s Space-X facility in Hawthorne, California.  The private space pioneer announced at the conference that, beginning in 2022 or 2023, both men will lead seven other civilian astronauts in a PRIVATE mission to the Moon, aboard Musk’s planned giant rocket — the BFR. In this first civilian human lunar effort, the BFR (which stands for “Big Falcon Rocket”) will NOT land on the lunar surface — according to Musk — but will loop around then Moon at least twice, before returning for a soft rocket landing back on Earth. What will these nine civilian astronauts actually SEE?! That is our show tonight … the REAL Moon … and what is waiting for the first “non-governmental lunar astronauts” in […]

  Tonight’s show — I’m not kidding — is one “straight out of X-Files!” The ISS Space Station … SABOTAGED, in orbit — now, according to the Russians– Multiple times?! A “national solar observatory” perched on a ~10,000-foot, isolated mountain top in southern New Mexico, home to millions of dollars of irreplaceable equipment, instruments and computers, suddenly and mysteriously TOTALLY SHUT DOWN by order of the FBI … and then, totally ABANDONED … to potential looters, thieves and vandals!!? A NASA-released, striking, official image of the Moon — appearing in the last few days even in TIME magazine — which, on close examination, CANNOT in ANY way be “our” own Moon?!! What the HELL is going on!? Tune in tonight , as we try to get to the bottom of these multiple, baffling — and still escalating — mysteries … whose only common theme is that they all involve, in […]

  There’s been a LOT of news lately regarding the “Cygnus/Lyra region” of the Milky Way Galaxy — from “the Most Mysterious Star in the Universe,” Tabby’s Star, being located in Cygnus — to this solar system’s first verified visitor from interstellar space coming from that SAME galactic direction … Lyra. Is there a Connection? Tonight my guest, author and researcher Andrew Collins, will propose an astounding possibility– That we humans, currently living on THIS planet, may NOT have always lived “here” … but may, in fact, have come from distant ancestors– Who came from Cygnus! Tune in … for a a first-rate galactic mystery story … Which just happens to include “the oldest temple” (so far) found on Earth– The ~13,000-year-old Gobleki Tepi — and its unique set of astronomical clues …. Join us. Richard C. Hoagland Show Items Richard’s Items: 1-4 boys safely pulled from Thailand cave as […]